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 Trees Have More Soul Than Asparagus!

HolidaysMy Love and I were talking about getting an artificial tree this year…

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We all seem to have allergic reactions, for the first week or two, after bringing a live “Christmas” tree into the house. Thus far we have decided that the runny noses and sneezes are not too high a price to pay for the beauty, smell and aura of a real tree. We discussed the pros and cons, as we do before and after purchasing trees every year, and I happened to mention my lifetime of guilty feelings related to the idea of chopping down a beautiful tree.

The tree is decorated and honored for a few weeks, only to be ignominiously dumped in the woods afterwards or picked up by the town to be burned. It was argued that the trees we purchase are grown on tree farms, planted and harvested for just this purpose, “that it was no different than harvesting and eating an asparagus.”

I thought for a moment about how it had always felt much different to me, and responded, “Trees have more soul (spirit) than asparagus.”

I guess that’s the best I can do for an explanation. Let you know how it turns out!

Part - II Resolution

FrogDaddy and I went out shopping Saturday, like so many others did... We were still discussing the tree issue, and decided to check out some artificial ones. FrogDaddy did know how to shop when I met him, but he seems to be rapidly losing that skill. So I dragged him through crowded stores, and waited in lines, thankfully without too much croaking on his part.

We actually got quite a bit done, however to our dismay we found that our delay in making a decision had resulted in a very limited tree selection. I really wasn’t ready for one of the pre-lit, fiber-optic trees, but that seemed to be all that was left in the stores we visited. Exhaustion overcame us and we returned to Springfield, treeless.

I pulled a surprise ‘Let’s go to Wizmart,’ on Sunday evening, claiming that there would be no crowds, and he would feel much less overwhelmed. I was right about the store being uncrowded, and we even found a plain, 7-1/2 foot, reasonably full, artificial tree. FrogDaddy wrestled it into the shopping cart and it now sits in the back of the SUV. I hope it’s not hard to put together and we manage to get it up sometime in the next week or so!

Of course I always make amends for those shopping trips one way or another, but that’s another story :-) And while our tree may not have as much soul this year, there will be at least one tree out there each year, whose spirit lives on beyond the winter season, and continues to grow in beauty.


Part - III Santa's Reaction

The final chapter in the saga of Fresh Tree versus Artifical Tree. (See Photo below.)

After a couple of days, FrogDaddy finally dragged the tree box out of the SUV and into the house. It lay in the kitchen for a day or so, till he decided to check it out. I think I was working on Chapter 2 of my book, just published on AlienLove. To our great relief and pleasure, set up was remarkably easy, and FrogDaddy was adding the clearly marked branches in no time!

When I took a break from writing, and went to find out how my Babe was doing with the tree, the set-up was progressing well, but he told me he was worried that the 7-1/2 foot tree was a little large for the space we had. Now, perhaps we should have gone with a 6-footer, but they looked so much sparser on the raised platform displaying trees in the store. I guess that was why they were displayed that way as I think about it, since I rarely look at a tree from the perspective of my head on the floor. In any case, with the switch to an artificial tree this year, the first time ever for either of us, we had not wanted to disappoint the various children we share the holidays with, and had chosen the larger one. Luckily, we finally solved the most of the space problem, when I suggested removing the lowest level of branches from the tree, taking at least a foot off its diameter and providing more room for presents underneath as well! There wasn’t much room for the star on top either, but by bending up a slightly lower branch into position, our tree had it’s star!

All in all, we are pleased, one more tree lives on each year – it’s spirit still in the world; no sneezing, no watery eyes; quick and simple to erect, no snow and water dripping off it for days, no wait for the branches to come down; no watering, no needles on the rug, and no dead tree left in the woods. By next year the cost of the artificial tree will have been made up in what we didn’t spend in purchasing live trees.

FrogDaddy set up the camera last night, using a motion detector, to see what Santa might think of Asparagus. He got a great shot! Clearly, Artificial Trees have more spirit than Asparagus!

Hope you have a lovely Holiday season.

Blessed Be,


[December 2004]

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