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 Be Your Own Oracle: "Know Yourself To Know Your Future"

ParanormalBy James Wanless, Ph.D.

An oracle, though we think it means to know the future, more importantly signifies to "know thyself," as it is written over the doorway to the most famous oracle of all, the ancient Temple of Delphi in Greece.

While we ordinarily view an oracle as a set of cards or an intuitive person to tell us of our future or what to do, perhaps we have the wrong question and incorrect intention. Maybe we should ask, "Am I being all of me?"

As the wonderful philosopher and writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, "What lies behind us and what lies before us is of little value compared to what lies within us."

Is it possible that if we were to know ourselves, know our unique gift, feel passionate about sharing it, and utilize all of our mental intelligence and all of our natural physical energy to manifest ourself through our gifts, that our future would be well taken care of, without question? ...

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The important question I ask a client during a tarot consultation is, "Do you know your magic?" "Huh?" many respond. "By magic I mean your gift, your power, your art, your thing, your genius." And many still don't know it.

To me, we are all gifted with a particular genius, and our purpose in life is to live it out with our whole being.

The great thing about an oracle like tarot is that it gives us the map of life for being true and authentic to who you really are. The number one card is always the Magician, and so the map tells us to go and discover your magic! That's the first and most important step to being yourself. It's hard to get home if you can't get to first base.

Then, the tarot map reveals that to manifest your magic, we must tap all the qualities shown by the cards in the four suits, each suit representing an aspect of our whole self (The Crystals suit for mental qualities, Cups suit for our emotional expression, Worlds suit for physical and worldly actions, and Wands suit for aspiring to our spiritual nature). When mind, heart, body, and soul are united and working together, we have synergy, which is an exponential increase in our personal power and energy. When one of our four attributes is missing, we have "unergy," an exponential decrease of power. My magic mantra is, "Feel it, See it, Believe it, Invoke it, Do it."

Our personal gifts are usually revealed early in life. What did you love as a child? What did you like to do the most? What were you good at? In my case, I loved to make maps and make reports with pictures and present these to the class. How different is that from what I do now? Voyager Tarot is picture map (not of an eyeball or of the Congo that I did as a kid) of the human psyche and educate others about it The trick of life is to translate your childhood gifts into an adult and, even, professional expression.

"Right Livelihood," which is a Buddhist concept, means to me to live with purpose (know your gifts), feel passionate about expressing these, and turn all that into your profession, profits, and even your spiritual path! In doing that, we are being all of ourself, and that is being your own oracle... fulfilling your own destiny and life purpose.

It's vital to not only know what you are good at (your magic) but love doing it. Emotion puts things into motion and keeps things going and going. Without the joy and passion for what you're doing, you can only go so far. Love for yourself, your partners, your family, your work, your world is the fuel, the ultimate energy for being successful as your own oracle.

And don't forget, do you utilize all your brain power? All of us use very, very, very little of our mental intelligence. How can we access more of our brain? Here are a few things. First, stand up. Work and think on your feet, because we get 20% more oxygen to our brain when standing and not sitting. And breathe in more oxygen, gorge with your mouth wide open the life-giving force of oxygen. Use meditation, hypnosis, psychotropic drugs for accessing different parts of the brain. Do things left handed if you are right handed, and verse visa. Make sounds and humming especially to tune and tone the brain. Relish the challenge of multi-tasking. Stay creative... explore new things to keep the brain ticking. Make a stimulating environment out of your office, your living room, your yard. (Recent revolutionary studies have shown that brain cells grow in stimulating environs, but die in dull conditions). Think with your feelings. Intuitively feel out your decisions and evaluations to tap the emotional part of the brain. Think in images for activating your forebrain. Crawl and slither to keep your primordial, reptilian brain "updated."

And, of course, pay attention to your beliefs and assumptions that are negative or outdated, for they are heavy... heavy thought energies that keep us dulled, uncreative, blocked! To fly, we must be light and when the mind is of low, heavy vibration, our brain dips into a flat line state of awake yet asleep. To know that "anything is possible and nothing is certain" guards us against beliefs conditioned from the past that are irrelevant and counter-productive. When you notice heavy worrisome thoughts, stop! Immediately affirm your positivity and openness, and redirect your thoughts.

Of course, what supports the brain is the body. Are you living at your optimal physical energy? This is a big and complicated field, so I will leave only two pieces of advice for having more physical energy... Less food and more exercise.

If you have the intention of putting all your faculties of mind, heart, and body together for knowing and creating all of yourself, then you have the great spirit, the universe, the life force of creation supporting you completely. What an ally to have on your side!

To be your own oracle... knowing yourself is the first step, and then creating and manifesting yourself fulfills your prophecy and destiny.



Tarot Readings, Tarot Coaching, Tarot Counseling (1-800-676-1256 with James Wanless, Captain Pick a Card)
And...Tarot Fortune Telling!

Visit his site at: Voyager Tarot – Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

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