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 Sample Reading – Voyager Tarot

ParanormalBy James Wanless, Captain Pick a Card

Each Tarot Consultation has it's own personality and quality. The Reading I did (see below) two weeks ago is what I would call a "catalyst reading" in that the client became immediately energized and took swift actions to change aspects of his life and get on with his real purpose and work in life!

The Catalyst Reading

As I'm driv[ing] down beautiful Highway 101 in California from my home in Carmel to Ojai near Santa Barbara, I know in advance there will be few people for my Voyager workshop. And I know that everything has a reason and that opportunities abound even in the poorest of conditions. So, I am at peace, for, ultimately, it's not about the money. As an "illuminator" (the Illumination Ace of Wands card keeps coming up for me these days), I see myself as a catalyst through the insightful and empowering use of the cards. Readings with Voyager are about the transmission of energy and inspiration.

In the heat of the Saturday afternoon at the beautiful, spacious yoga studio, Sacred Space, I decided to teach the six participants how to do the "Whole Self" Reading. Each person selects the question of their choice, ranging from moving to Baja to developing a healing practice...

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The only man there, besides myself, was on old friend of mine, Jeff. His question was how to produce his visionary videos into a successful DVD. This is how his Reading went and what happened to him.

(Jeff asked me to write about it as a preface to his book, which is entitled the U.S. of Us. Here is my first draft).

As a modern day seer with ancestral roots in the ancient Greek oracle, the Temple of Delphi, I am reminded of the all-important mantra above the portal there, "Know Thyself." Facilitating this process of self-knowing, I use the Voyager Tarot oracle to map Jeff Hutner's journey. His query, "How can I best manifest my visionary videos?" A simple enough question that I chose to answer by conducting the "Whole Self Reading," which requires that Jeff select cards for how to best utilize his mind, heart and spirit, what action to take, and what universal personality archetype to be.


The first card chosen by his intuitive hand was the mental card called the Inventor, Man of Crystals. "Be creative and original. Crystallize your vision...make the DVD, however you want in any way without judgment!"

Also tucked in the collaged plethora of crystals were a couple of books. "Hmmm," I wondered.


Onwards we went as Jeff selected another card for what emotion to acknowledge and express to put his work into motion by emotion. It was Disappointment, Five of Cups. Wow, and no kidding. For a variety of reasons, the editing of his 200 hours of film was continually stalled...how disappointing.

"The lesson is not to project past disappointment into the future. It may have been that the timing up until now was not right (dis-appointment is an appointment not made). And you may have to disappoint some others to make this DVD."


The next card chosen for Jeff's spirit was the Sensor, Woman of Wands, an enlightening shamanic woman of fire and the expressive, performing arts.

"You have the power of the inner feminine to impact others through sound, color, image and performance. Hot stuff. Get fired up. Act with swiftness and boldness. And watch out for those who do not serve you, Jeff. Hmmm... I wonder what this black cat in the card means."


From the suit of Worlds "take action" cards, Jeff picked the Player, Child of Worlds.

"Be like a child playing at your creation, not take it so, so seriously." Many of us do not complete our creations because we don't have fun and put way too much pressure on ourselves to make things perfect. "Ah, the disease of perfectionism. How about the productivity of playism?"


Now, what personality archetype could he tap into within himself to be successful? His pick, the Star! In the Voyager oracle, this card embodies an Aquarian version of Kuan Yin, the oriental goddess of service, wisdom, compassion, healing and vision.

"Now is your time, Jeff, to be the Star, to come out and illuminate the world with your vision and work. What a service that would be. It's your time to shine, to be seen, to be recognized as the 'cosmic connector' that you are. Be kind to yourself as you show the way to a new world. You will be healed as you become more whole in the process of radiance."

"Jeff...it is your opportunity now to create, have fun, believe in your vision, and tap into the "divine feminine' energy and wisdom. Let go of the old male paradigm of stressfully working hard for financial success and egoic advantage. Unleash the flow of your right brain imagination with effortless ease and joy. Trust the creative goddess within you."

Now flash forward 12 hours to the next morning when I wake up to the furious and fast tapping of the computer keys as Jeff writes. I ask, "What's up?" "My new book!" he retorts as he begins to read the book's introduction he has just written in the past hour. It's a brilliant piece of writing for his long researched work, "The U.S. of Us" Now, I see why the books in the Inventor card. And he is an excellent writer, a real Star. He is doing it now, swiftly and with inspiration (the Sensor Woman). On fire, he pronounces that the feral cat (remember the black cat in the Sensor), who has lived in his bathroom and fecalized his house, must go. Also must go a relationship with a particular woman that Jeff has longed for that he now realizes will never happen. And he must disappoint a male business partner, who has dallied with his video project with no production, by breaking out on his own. In short, Jeff is realizing himself, doing his thing his way. Re-energized he is on a creative roll, nothing stopping him now. And his aura is obvious, full of life, hope and results.

Transmission of Light. The Oracle has Spoken. Ignition!



Please let Captain Pick a Card and his staff know what you would like regarding new Voyager services, products, accessories, new and different whatever. Please email me any insights and writings about Voyager at: [email protected]



Tarot Readings, Tarot Coaching, Tarot Counseling (1-800-676-1256 with James Wanless, Captain Pick a Card)
And...Tarot Fortune Telling!

Visit his site at: Voyager Tarot – Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

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