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 All My Aliens - Sci-Fi Soap Opera #99

Serial StoryBy Blue1Moon
AlienLove.com Editor

“I understand your protective feelings towards Barbara and Al,” Glaboo told Joe and Amy, “we are doing everything we can to keep them safe. We can remove any or all of you from Earth, and tuck you away for a few decades on a distant planet until things calm down, or permanently for that matter. If that is what you wish, I can almost guarantee your complete safety.”

The adults were momentarily stunned by the thought, let alone the real possibility, of using such an option. Al however, was not so reticent, “We could live on another planet – far, far, away? Wow! That sounds like a fantastic science fiction movie, but this would be for real wouldn’t it?”

“Don’t you think that would be pretty great, Grampa? We could be like pioneers from Earth or something! We’d be famous! Well, maybe not famous, I guess no one but us would know. Would we ride in the invisible space ship, do you think? That would be sooo cool!” ...

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“Whoa, Al,” his mother said, “We haven’t decided anything yet, we haven’t even had a chance to discuss it. Besides, I think we’ve all had more than enough adventure for a while. You got to meet aliens, you found the invisible ship, discovered the door, got in their spaceship and guarded the Examinator agents! You, my son, are already a hero – even if we can’t tell anyone about it!”

Al stood a little straighter, “I’m a hero? Wow, that’s like fantastic! Can I have a light-saber or something now? Heroes always got stuff like that! Or maybe some kinda special powers would be good, too!”

Al’s chatter lightened the mood a bit, until the medical team and additional agents arrived from the O&N mothership. The medical team spread out, trying to treat their fellow agents before they regained consciousness.

Glaboo’s intervention had knocked them all out, and in the process greatly slowed their bodily functions. The worst of the injuries were handled, with little time to spare, by the time agents from both sides of the battle began awakening. Already most of the Examinators had been sent on to the O&N mothership for further treatment and incarceration, until they could be safely moved to the 1,000 World Federation Court for trial.

Their removal from her ship couldn’t come soon enough from the O&N Chief’s perspective, and she made this very clear to her subordinates. Since accepting Barbara as Earth’s first O&N agent, Glaboo felt far more personal responsibility toward her, than was usual for agents in her charge.


Meanwhile, the vacation lake-community was in an uproar. The sound of dogs and wolves viciously barking, not to mention other, less identifiable noises, had carried across the lake. The local authorities were called out, but luckily for Barbara and friends, were not sure where to begin looking for whatever problem or trouble might be in the offing.

The local residents were positive that something was wrong, but none could be more specific, or even pinpoint where they thought events were happening. The lone local officer on duty called in the state police, who interviewed all who presented themselves, and took their statements. The officials remained a while, finally agreeing to take a drive around the lake to see if anything seemed out of order, but without results.

This did not satisfy a couple of the more insistent vacationers. As a result two men struck out on their own to see what they could find.

Peliix, much to his disappointment, was not even allowed to peek out of a window, but was locked up in a rather comfortable closet, with food, water, and a deck of cards. John went outside a few times and spoke to a few of the neighbors on the fringes of the group surrounding the police officers. He did not approach the Earth authorities, or offer any information.


Another helicopter briefly over-flew the O&N agents and their captives, but immediately left the scene. Glaboo hoped it was not Earth authorities, and expected that the Examinators had kept some nearby agents in reserve. Perhaps they were just trying to ascertain what had happened. In any case, the need to get this mess cleaned up became more and more urgent.

Barbara was hovering worriedly over Dave, when he woke. Most of the O&N agents were up and around already, but Dave had taken a fairly serious wound in the battle. Although the medics had healed him, they made it clear that he would need at least several days of complete rest. He more than appreciated Barbara’s close attention, and smiled weakly.


The two men who were unhappy with what they felt was police inaction, kept a large stable. They rode out to search on their own without delay. It was not long before they came upon the area of the beach where a recent disturbance was visible, as well as a clear path torn into the woods.

To be continued… Have you missed any? Click here

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