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 Vermont News: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility

PoliticsBy Robert Skold

"I find it an outrage that local and state-wide press refuse to write almost nothing about me, my campaign and my party. It's as if we were ghosts in the night, passing through a Political Twilight Zone where our mission statements are tragically transformed into a Democratic double-speak, and our writings and beliefs are washed away in a Republican riptide of sewage water. There has been one political party in this state and in this nation since the early 1800s, and that party is the The Democratic-Republican Party, founded in 1792.

Our country was founded on much higher ideals than this. Didn't our very first president, George Washington, actively advocate the abolishment of ALL political parties, just for this very reason? Today, big business through giant lobbies in Washington ensure that those elected are from only the chosen group, and that they stay in office. The media is their right hand that ensures that only coverage of the "R" and "D" people make it to the populace. In 2004, 98% of those in office won reelection, due in large part to the media's LACK of coverage of all other candidates.

The "time" has come to change ...

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The Vermont media should be as ashamed of this style reporting politics. This is the equivalent of censoring news ... by only publishing news on that THEY deem fit for the public to know. I for one, was under the impression that the delivery and reporting of news, especially political news, was "at least" in part a social responsibility.

The public has the "need", and the "right" to know all their options, and in detail. I ask you, "How else can we declare fair elections?"

How do you expect change in this state and country if you do not give fair and just coverage to all candidates and their parties?.

It's high time that honest, hard working citizens be given the chance to use OUR money OUR way. That is why I ask for no donations. I don't need corporate greed nor lobbyist demands. I will work for ALL Vermonters, even the poorest, because I feel that we are ALL created equal in this country, we ALL deserve the same chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we are ALL Americans."

I write this because last week I took part in the Governor's Debate at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vt. I basically had a wonderful experience. Outside, prior to the debate, we spoke with many of St. Michael's students and they all very interested in the political system ... we met many very bright young students.

We also had the opportunity to speak in length with Marselis Parsons from WCAX. I do not necessarily agree with his political views, but he was an extreme gentleman. And though my political stance is quite different from that of Governor James Douglas, he was also an extraordinary gentleman.

Also debating was Scudder Parker. He seemed a little too slick, with all the political signs blanketing the college, as if it was his headquarters, and free T-Shirts for any who’d wear them. One college student told me he took it because it was free.

I kind of felt he was trying to buy support ... but that's his choice.

Vermont Public Radio (VPR) did a great job of hosting this debate. I must say Bob Kinzel was as fair as a moderator could possibly be asked for. He divided the time up between the 3 debators (myself included) in a very professional way.

Great so far right?

After traveling home to Springfield, Vermont, we turned on the news WCAX and listened to the news about the debate. To my surprise they barely mentioned that there were three (3) candidates in the debate and only showed Mr. Douglas and Scudder talking about some campaign advertisement where one was calling the other "names"!

What kind of reporting is that? They missed the entire point of the debate. Where is the social responsibility in this type of reporting?

I feel cheated. I feel the people of Vermont deserve better. Most newspapers printed the same non-sense.

Honestly, the public could care less what nicknames they call each other. Yet this is what made the "big news". Some of the reports did not even make a mention that there were 3 political parties in attendance.

I give proper reporting credit to VPR for broadcasting the debate exactly in the way it took place and putting it, in it’s entirety online for those who missed it live.

But, for the most part, the rest Vermont's Media news coverage, including Televison, Newspapers and Websites have failed to serve the public in their coverage of the debate. They have delivered a twisted, uneven view of the events of the Governor's Debate.

Just and fair coverage is needed in this State if we are to survive. Money seems to entirely drive the media and Vermonters are not being informed fairly.

I'm Robert Skold, LibertyUnion Candidate for Governor of Vermont ... and I approve this message.

[Written with a little help from my friends.]


Listen To The Governor's Debate - 9-19-06. Thank you VPR!
Governors Debate

Listen To "This Article" On The Debate
Bob's Comments

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"The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility" | Login/Create an Account | 9 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by tommeb on Thursday, September 21 @ 21:31:19 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I can imagine the frustration and anger you are feeling with the 'faux-media' machine that is running in this country. It is sad that this has become a [single] political party in America. repugs want to sound like dem's, dem's want to sound conservative and no-one gives a shit in the end. Politics is more and more becoming a power grab and greed fest over the previous several elections. But we are the ones paying. I noticed the same 'news' coverage this past week after the Mass. primaries, when the Dem. nomination was announced, it was pretty much a 'by the way' there is also an Independent running and a Green party candidate. Any one of which we are better off with than Healy(really Romney in a dress), who did not wait until the final results and started bashing Deval Patrick as a candidate with ties to special interests for his running...excuse me.... his is and has been a 'grass-roots' campaign. So for the media whores that only talk about candidates that may boost their ratings with 'pet names' like bush does with his 'folks', pay back is a bitch! Good luck with your campaign and a true patriotic message! You have my vote ;-)

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by FrogDaddy on Friday, September 22 @ 11:25:38 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
Thanks tommeb ... you know this is a country-wide problem and one of the major reasons things are like they are. I plan on taking this issue as far as I can. I think not only Vermonters but all Americans deserve the right to make up thier own minds and have all the details at hand to make decisions. They can handle it :-). Thanks for your comment.

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by Lavender on Friday, September 22 @ 12:34:55 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I wished I lived in VT so that I could vote for you Bob Skold!!!! You are the only person I have heard of that actually cares about what is fair to all and actually plans to do something about it! I am so sick of hearing the same old crap and the same old people running and all their bull it makes me sick! I have called, emailed and written letters all to recieve nothing but bull crap back! So, I told them all I will not vote for any of them and will vote for an independent as they are all corrupt!!!!

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by 13thGuard on Saturday, September 23 @ 00:54:02 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Very interesting read Bob, I for am disgusted with the fact the media failed to cover your campaign, but not surprised, the media is old guard, always will be, they stand for everything yesterday, they hated the internet until a blog pointed out that CBS story on Bush has errors, the only reason they "liked" that was because it gave one station a chance to attack another, for ratings... Real news has always been irrelevent for news stations, it requires thought and observation... Perhaps to get their attention you will need to accuse one media outlet of lying, so the others can feed off it, they happen to be vultures, to sat the least...

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by FrogDaddy on Saturday, September 23 @ 19:05:48 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
That's very true Guard ... they fear anything that may be in the slightest bit truthful. They only want to sell more papers or more advertising or whatever it is they run on. I guess the biggest problem is that most of them have "carved" out their readership by favoring either the left or the right and have left no place for real reporting anymore. Of course the web has challenged that and will continue to do so. I do plan on spending a good bit of time on convincing the public not to vote for R or D's .... and even if they don't vote for me .... at least vote for a 3rd party or independent. Basically, anything but, the old guard :-).

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by -Z on Sunday, October 15 @ 21:03:43 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
"Written with a little help from my friends..." Do you get "high with a little help from my friends" too? I love/loved the Beatles about as much as anyone, I would suppose, but...they didn't count on 'fair' media coverage to get their message out...they went out there and their message(s) made the media play catch up!
The current media is a joke; though you didn't come right out and say that; had you, I would herald praise upon you. The mass media has festered into a disgusting and virtually UN-American state...I will take exception to that for WCAX-TV and WDEV radio and it's Mark Johnson Show...they remain courageously independent and I sense, for the most-part, as impartial as they can in this day and age of; a media which (news-wise) has de-volved from a press that maintained a truly American, watch dog status, to (politicians') lap dog status and to today's "primp 'n pose" show dog state.
If you 3rd party folks would get some fire under your asses and focus on the horrid dissolution of this country's sovereignty and the horrendous assaults on our Constitution, you might not have to whine about Vermont's media. Instead, they'd be banging on your doors and windows for interviews! Please visit -Z Factor II.....this is serious shit...you want media coverage? Grab a gun...call Channel 3...go to the state house...stand outside on the steps in a Red, White and All-American Blue suit...when they show up, tell CH-3 and Vermont that you're willing to die to get our Constitution back and dare the terrorists to show their heads and eat your lead. Proclaim that anyone who would DARE to take any American's rights away, tobacco lovers are American too, can eat your lead until your dying breath.
You want press coverage...fair and balanced?...Be brave, be inspired by this nation's heritage...be informative about that fact that we're being hijacked...if you can't see how, please do keep reading this great website for -Z Factor updates.
Pull your boots up!.......We've got some serious manure to walk through, pilgrim. .......-Z

Re: The Vermont Media and Social Responsibility (Score: 1)
by FrogDaddy on Thursday, October 26 @ 22:37:30 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
Well .... you have to understand something. This has been a huge learning experience ... big coverage or not. If I ever do this again ... I now have the knowledge to move forward in a way that will be with experience and more comfortable with myself. I'm not a professional politician (thank goodness) but I did learn a lot. One of the big things I learned is that all the Repubs and Dems are liars. No, really, I mean that. They'll say anything, and take money from anyone .... to get elected. I have a hard time being like that.

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