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 Voyager Connection: New Year 2007 – Card for the Year

ParanormalBy James Wanless, Captain Pick-A-Card

The year 2007 adds up to the number nine and that means the card of the year is the number nine, Hermit! Wow, the Hermit? That means being alone and lonely? Possibly, but mostly about becoming whole, healthy, abundant and self-sufficient.

The real deal about the Hermit is getting away from it all to get your projects completed and done! This is the year to finish up, go the whole nine yards to bring a harvest to your life.

And the Hermit means to take time out for yourself and heal... get whole, happy and healthy. It's a year for working on your stuff, resolve issues, go deep within, and tap your inner resources.

Remember, that all the number nines in the Voyager Deck are qualities of the archetypal Hermit. With "Narrowness" (Nine of Crystals), focus on what's imperative for you. Create a "Harvest" (Nine of Worlds) to bring your focus into a productive harvest and cornucopia of abundance. Do so while "Fulfilling" (Nine of Cups) your heart and do it with "Integrity" (Nine of Wands)...

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Decide on what you want to complete, heal and/or harvest this year. Light a candle (the classic tarot Hermit is a "wayshower" carrying the light of wisdom and clarity) as an enduring symbol of your commitment.

Pick a Voyager card "face-up" as the card you think will be of greatest help to you.

Pick a Voyager card "face-down" from the "mystery" that indicates your path and ally for doing your completion, healing, and harvesting work.

Because the Hermit represents wholeness, why not do the "Whole Self Reading." Divide the Deck into the Four Minor Arcana Suits and the Major Archetypes. Pick one card from each of the five piles of cards as the five steps and actions to take to complete your goal for the year. You will have a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and archetypal roadmap!

If you can, have those cards photocopied, enlarged and laminated. Keep them viewable for you during the year. Symbolic imagery has power!

MAGICIAN'S RITUAL: "The Manifestation Meditation"

Based upon the meaning of the Archetypal Magician Card and the four Aces which are the qualities of the Magician, the following is a meditation I practice to realize visions and goals. This process works! And really, really works if you do it often.

First, visualize yourself succeeding at achieving your goal. Second, feel how great in your body it feels to be carrying this off. Third, affirm to yourself that you can and are making it happen. Fourth, see a "do-able" action to get this going. Ask for help, strength and guidance from the great spirit and universe, and give thanks for all the resources, abundance and magic you have been blessed with.

The power of this "manifestation meditation" is in the repetition. Keep seeing, feeling, believing, asking, doing, and thanking... again and again.

(This Meditation is in the Voyager Tarot Guidebook).


Inspired by an email from a Voyager fan, the following is from my www.intuition-blog.com site.

November 30th, 2006

Quite a few of us are “synesthetes,” which means we batch different information through different sense simultaneously. Thus, we can see a painting and feel the music that the painting evokes. Or we hear music and pictures come up in our mind’s eye.

Apparently, not every one does this as well as others, or more accurately, according the psychologist, Jamie Ward, of the University College London, “We all, unconsciously, link together music and vision, but only synesthetes are consciously aware of these sensory cross-over links.”

So, I received an email from Brooklynite, Cinimon Imondi, a Voyager Tarot lover. She writes, “I allow the cards to dance for me and recite a version of Beethoven or AC/DC in their own native tongue. These cards like to whisper sweet something’s into my ears and seem to seduce the voyeur on the other side of the table with their magnificence.”

Wow, now that is a synesthete! Let me ask you, when you look at Voyager cards what music comes up for you? Beethoven, or AC/DC or, or, or…?

In the creating of the Deck, Ken (the hands-on artist) and I always had music on. Can you intuit what we listened to? Remember, the Voyager art was produced in years 1981-84.


For the first 10 days of January, James Wanless (Captain Pick A Card) will be giving Half Price Readings by Phone. ($75 instead of $150). Call him at 1-800-676-1256 or [email protected] to make an appointment.

"What Would You Like From the Voyager Team?

Most Voyagers, it seems, would love to have a small, pocket size Voyager deck.... better for "voyagering" around the world.

Please email the publisher and editor Holly Schmidt to request that... [email protected]



Visit: Voyager Tarot – Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

Free Card-A-Day

Read Blue1Moon’s review of this product:

Buy the Voyager Tarot deck

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