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 Other News: Farewell, Jerry Falwell

OpinionBy Harris Brio

Pastor Jerry Falwell was born in Lynchburg VA, in a barn, to a bootlegger father and an illiterate 14 y.o. girl. Although he sometimes used the title "Doctor," Falwell never earned a doctorate.

During his high school years Pastor Falwell played football, for his school and a rival school. Much later in life he earned an honorary Doctor of Laws from Central University in Seoul, South Korea (an unaccredited institution). Then formed his own unaccredited institution Liberty University. Liberty University's fame comes from being the only school to give George Bush a degree via correspondence. Then getting accreditation in 2001.

Pastor Falwell converted to Christianity and felt a great desire to convert his home city, Lynchburg Va. to Christianity. Then the rest of America and after that the entire world.

In 1956 Pastor Falwel asked $135 from 35 adults attending his first attempt at pastoring. The result allowed the Pastor to purchase the Donald Duck Bottling Company. Converting it to a Church, Falwell immediately launched a campaign against ducks and bottling. The new Church was called Thomas Road Baptist Church of Lynchburg (TRBC)....

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Falwell grew up in a strong segregationist community and supported racial segregation. Claiming that cola was dark and so is chocolate. Consuming, both are sinful, and reading the Bible in darkness causes blindness. So does masturbation, but if done with the lights turned off, it is not sinful nor blinding. But can lead to weight gain and a double chin.

In 1965, he gave a sermon at his Thomas Road Baptist Church criticizing Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, which he sometimes referred to as the "Civil Wrongs Movement.” He often spoke out in favor of the racist position. At one time stating, "when God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross that line.”

In 1972, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched an investigation of bonds issued by Falwell's organizations. The SEC charged Falwell's church with "fraud and deceit" in the issuance of $6.5 million in unsecured church bonds. Pastor Falwell then issued a Prophecy that on September 11, 2001, God will strike the heart of financial America, which will be caused by homosexuals, Blacks, Hollywood Liberals and Muslims.

The Anti-Defamation League, and its leader Abraham Foxman, have expressed strong support for Falwell's staunch pro-Israel stand, sometimes referred as "Christian Zionism."

In the 1980s Jerry Falwell was critical of sanctions against the Apartheid regime of South Africa. He stated that while he was opposed to Apartheid, he thought the word apartheid was "evil doer" language. Asking the United States media to stop calling the South African segregation policy as apartheid, but as a security fence. The media cooperated but only in the case of Israel's apartheid against the Palestinians. Falwell stated there is a need to separate people based on skin color. Arguing that the sun comes out in different parts of the world separately, to indicate skin color separation, and that is how God made things. Fighting God’s laws is very evil such as what scientists do, with their inventions against disease.

The Pastor sued Hustler Magazine in 1983 for libel. Falwell stated that fictional parodies that are almost nonfictional caused emotional distress. Hustler featured a fake interview with Falwell in which he admits that his "first time" was incest with his mother in an outhouse while drunk. Falwell attacked the magazine, condemning humor as the Devil’s way of making people go against God. The Pastor claimed that only God can be funny. Stating that the story of the flood was simply, hilarious. Nothing can be funnier than people drowning, especially entire families.

In 1999 Pastor Falwell called the children's doll Teletubbie character Tinky Winky a homosexual. Based on the character having a triangle on its head. Triangles were used by Nazis to identify homosexuals.

In 2006 US media again devoted time to promote Falwell’s religion. By giving air time to those claiming that the ongoing Mideast violence signaled the coming of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse should be encouraged, as more humor from God. God’s humor is lively, politically astute and agreeable, humor carried out with practical intelligence, such as the CIA.

Falwell asserted that when the Anti-Christ comes, he "must be, out of necessity, a Jewish male. Who enjoys eating pork.” The Pastor’s statement raised alarms in Israel, causing the Israeli government to issue a statement which denounced pork. Israeli officials then proceeded to say that, “pork is only served to people who want it, unlike the Palestinians who are terrorists.” Falwell then demanded an apology, from the Palestinians. Israel welcomed the demand of an apology, as steps toward understanding the peace process.

Falwell has also said, "Labor unions should study and read the Bible instead of asking for more money. When people get right with God, they are better workers."

Jerry Falwell wrote in America Can Be Saved that "I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them."

"My heart was burning to serve Christ," he once said in an interview. "I knew nothing would ever be the same again." The founder of the Moral Majority preached of being indestructible until he has finished God's work.

Jerry Falwell finally dead at age 73, on May 16, 2007. To be buried as soon as a Forrest, holding enough trees capable of making a coffin, can be found. . . .

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Re: Farewell, Jerry Falwell (Score: 1)
by oscarskids on Friday, May 18 @ 17:02:44 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I did not write this but here is a different swing on his life and the life of Ted bundy In Western culture, we celebrate births and we mourn deaths. But, when you get right down to it, we have it exactly backwards. We are all born with essentially the same potential, but that potential remains unrealized. Throughout our lives, that potential remains. There is always a chance to do more, to do it better, to effect change and to produce results, either for the better, or for the worse. It is not until the day of one's death that the full measure of one's life can be taken and we know whether we should mourn, or celebrate. Both Jerry Falwell and Ted Bundy were born with the same potential for good, or for evil. Ted Bundy was born out of wedlock in 1946 in New Hampshire, but raised in Tacoma, Washington by parents who met at a Methodist Church single's group. Bundy was the oldest of five children, a Boy Scout who grew up in a church environment, and was active in the local Methodist Church where he served as vice-president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. Ted Bundy was, by all accounts, a brilliant young man who graduated with a degree in psychology in 1972. His potential was enormous. But Bundy's legacy was as one of America's most infamous serial killers who murdered scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. He eventually confessed to thirty murders, but the actual number of his victims remains unknown but to God. In sentencing Bundy to death, the judge remarked: "It is an utter tragedy for this court to see such a total waste of humanity as I've experienced in this courtroom. You're an intelligent young man. You'd have made a good lawyer, and I would have loved to have you practice in front of me, but you went another way. . ." Ted Bundy squandered his potential, wasting the life God gave him, and on January 24, 1989, Theodore "Ted" Bundy was strapped into Florida's electric chair and sent to face the Righteous Judge by 2,000 volts of electricity applied by Florida's state executioner. Jerry Falwell was born with the same potential for good and evil as Ted Bundy, but, to paraphrase Bundy's sentencing judge, Falwell went another way. Jerry Falwell was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1933. He had an unlikely beginning for the Christian ministry: his grandfather was a self-avowed atheist. His father was an agnostic who hated preachers and ran a moonshine operation during Prohibition. But Falwell decided as a teenager to devote his life to Christian service, putting himself through Bible Baptist College in Springfield, Missouri while barely out of his teens. In 1956, at age 23, the now-Reverend Jerry Falwell returned home to Lynchburg, where he founded Thomas Road Baptist Church. His first service was attended by thirty-five people and his church's first collection brought in $135.00. Within weeks of founding his new church in 1956, Falwell began the Old-Time Gospel Hour, a daily local radio ministry and a weekly local television ministry dedicated to introducing Christ to the lost. In 1967, Falwell created the Lynchburg Christian Academy providing a Christian education for students from kindergarten through high school. In 1971, Falwell founded Liberty University, thereby making it possible for Christian children to enter the school system at age three and continue on through to obtaining a Ph.D without ever sitting under a teacher who was not a committed Christian. Falwell was driven to politics following the 1973 Supreme Court's "Roe v. Wade" decision that established the 'right' of women to kill their unborn children as a matter of convenience. In 1979, Falwell founded the 'Moral Majority,' a grassroots political organization that worked to galvanize Christian voters into a political force to be reckoned with. Falwell's Moral Majority spearheaded efforts to register millions of Christian conservative voters and was a driving force behind the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reverend Jerry Falwell went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, May 15, 2007. He was found dead in his office at Liberty University in Lynchburg, presumably of a heart attack. Ted Bundy was one of the worst mass murderers in American history. But on the day of his execution, the prison was surrounded by liberals protesting his execution. Even the ultra-conservative National Review magazine published an editorial blaming society for his twisted life and lamenting his death. ". . .the thought lingers that it might have been worth while to keep him alive and study him. For it is possible that Ted Bundy could have lived a decent life in a society that did not set out to gratify his worst instincts. He and others paid a high price for the ACLU view of what liberty and the First Amendment require. If there are victimless crimes, selling pornographic magazines to Ted Bundy was not one of them." In contrast, Jerry Falwell led one of the most positive and impacting Christian lives of the past century, and certainly deserves to rank among the most influential and positive Christian leaders in American history. But, to read the mainstream media's account, Jerry Falwell will be remembered the way the Associated Press 'eulogized' him: "The Rev. Jerry Falwell's habit of sounding off on everything from liberals and terrorism to the "Teletubbies" regularly embarrassed his fellow conservatives. . . His foes? Liberals, "abortionists," the American Civil Liberties Union, feminists, gay rights activists and the faithless." You know. The 'good' guys. His obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) featured a photo of Reverend Falwell with a photo inset of a Teletubbie character. Note the caption: "US evangelist Jerry Falwell, who battled against abortion and homosexuality, has died. He once warned that Tinky Winky, the purple, purse-toting character of the Teletubbies show was a gay role model and morally damaging to children." The Sydney Morning Herald didn't stop at ridiculing Falwell's legacy with the photo and caption. "Fond of quipping that the Bible referred to "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve", Falwell provoked a storm of protest when he said gays, lesbians and health workers who provide abortions were partly to blame for the September 11 attacks." The SMH went on to report that: "Falwell saw evil in a once-great America that he believed was in an advanced state of decay. He even went after a character in the hit children's TV show the Teletubbies whom he claimed donned pro-gay symbols, including a triangle. "I think that in the early 1960s when Bible reading and prayer were expelled from the public square, I think that was a move in the wrong direction, it was a move towards secularization," Falwell said in a February 2007 interview. The UK's Guardian noted in its story that, "Largely because of the sex scandals involving Bakker and fellow evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, donations to Falwell's ministry dropped from $135 million in 1986 to less than $100 million the following year. Hundreds of workers were laid off and viewers of his television show dwindled." Falwell's personal morals were above reproach, so the Guardian found it necessary to introduce the moral failings of others in an effort to diminish his legacy by proxy, so to speak. Not content to slander him by proxy, the Guardian also noted that, "As a student, Falwell was a star athlete and a prankster who was barred from giving his high school valedictorian's speech after he was caught using counterfeit lunch tickets," and, "he ran with a gang of juvenile delinquents before becoming a born-again Christian at 19." The Guardian closed by reminding its viewers that Reverend Falwell ad "made careful preparations for a transition of his leadership to his two sons, Jerry Falwell, Jr., now vice chancellor of Liberty University, and Jonathan Falwell, executive the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church," hinting broadly that there was something wrong with his wanting to ensure his philosophy lived on after his death by appointing successors he could trust with it. Reader

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