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 Other News: Card of the Month: The Manifestation Card – Harvest

ParanormalBy James Wanless


Divide the Deck into the four suits and the major arcana cards. Spread the cards into a circle. You will be picking 5 cards in this Reading to make a circular full moon. (Why not do this on a full moon night).

1. What idea/goal/intention of yours is down to earth, practical and you what to manifest? From the all the Crystal Mental Cards, pick one for which mental quality to focus on to harvest your idea...

2. From all the Cups Emotional Cards, pick one for which emotional energy to utilize for manifesting your goal....

3. From all the Wands Spiritual Cards, pick one for which spiritual virtue to rely upon for realizing the intention...

4. From all the Worlds Cards, pick one for what action to take....

5. From all the Major Archetype Cards, pick one for the harvest outcome as a result of acting on the previous four cards....

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The months of September and October are traditionally harvest times, and so the card to focus on is Harvest (Nine of Worlds). I first named this card Fall Harvest. I also called the other seasonal cards Winter Reflection (Two of Worlds), Spring Commencement (Four of Worlds), and Summer Nurturing (Three of Worlds). By the time it came to first printing the cards in 1985, I dropped the seasonal appellations.

What does the Harvest card mean when it comes up in a Reading, regardless of what time of year? For the most detailed understanding of this card or any Voyager card, refer to the Way of the Great Oracle book or the StarTree Correspondence Course. The most insightful quality of the Great Oracle book and StarTree is that I've broken down each and every card into its mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and worldly attributes.

Unfortunately, there's only a few Oracle books and no StarTree's left in existence.

Way Of The Seeker

To get the Way of the Great Oracle and the StarTree now, the best way is the Way of the Seeker online course, which borrows greatly from both those works. The Seeker Course is completely downloadable, so now you can have these rare books in print.

As I have said often before, tarot and particularly Voyager, is a map – the cards giving us the keys to living the whole life of happy, healthy, holy and wealthy. The Harvest card, specifically, instructs us how to make our life a harvest. Because of the wholistic way in which each card is explained, the cards give us a map that shows the way to synergy, the teaming together of all our qualities, resulting in an exponential increase of our personal power to completely live out all of human qualities and endeavors.

"The synergistic formula for worldly success goes like this. Harvest on the mental level implies an abundance of ideas, but who doesn't have lots and lots of thoughts? Harvest means copious material manifestation, and so when applied to thinking, it suggests fruitful ideas, concepts that are practical and productive. The first step of any manifestation begins with a doable idea and intention.

The engine that drives the harvestable thought into physical reality is emotion. You've got to feel it to do it! On the emotional level, the Harvest card suggests just by the visual symbols on the card that a harvestable thought or vision feels rich like a full, golden moon. Warmth, abundance and fruitfulness abound throughout the card and make us feel fully satisfied and joyous, and that's what we must feel to create abundance.

"As this story goes, we now have an idea that turns us on and is doable, what's the spiritual component of this card? The metaphysical content of this card is represented by its many full moons. The presence of the moon suggests that the harvestable endeavor is not just something to do, but a karmic opportunity to realize deeper purpose and potentials. When any project has a kind of spiritual mission behind it, big magic happens!

What about the physical aspect of Harvest? The ripeness of the fruit, corn, and wheat in the card suggests that your body be in prime condition and tiptop shape. More specifically, the whole foods pictured in the card mean paying attention to your diet. To harvest means hard work and that means having the energy to do it. Eat less and eat well for more juice! Remember, we are what we eat and since we want to go the whole nine yards, eat whole foods.

Your body, heart, mind and spirit are all working together, so what's next to do to harvest? Work. Get it done. Reap what you have sown. Go all the way. Complete. Tie up loose ends. Resolve the unresolved. Take it to the market.

So, so, so many times I have done Readings for people who are writing a book, and so few ever complete them. Why? Because we don't harvest. Procrastination is rampant. We are not finishers but beginners, living in the newness of spring but not often in the completion of the fall.

For those of you who are procrastinators, take out the Harvest card so that you are reminded and motivated to produce and finish. When this card appears in a Reading, it means you are ready to harvest something. There is low lying fruit at your fingertips. Take advantage of the opportunity, get it done! So often we don't finish, we don't seize the moment, the fruit falls to the ground and putrifies. Garbage, what a waste of work and talent and opportunity.

Remember, it's cornucopia time!



Enjoy a great weekend at my home in beautiful Carmel, and learn everything Voyager from A to Z. These two days with James Wanless comprise the required class work for getting Certified as a Voyager Reader. Even if you don't want Certification, this is a thorough and fun introduction to Voyager. It's an adventure that you will cherish.

"I love teaching this class more than anything, except for maybe the Aloha Tarotha week in Hawaii." – Captain Pick a Card

10-5 both days $225
(Some scholarships available).

[email protected]

James Wanless
PO Box 1227
Carmel, CA 93921


Visit: Voyager Tarot – Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

Free Card-A-Day

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