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-– B. Lester

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 Opinion: Why End the Income Tax in Massachusetts?

Announcementsby Carla Howell and Michael Cloud

If it were possible to put an Initiative on the Ballot to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts… would you want it?

What if Ending the Income Tax in Massachusetts had nearly a 50/50 chance of winning in 2008?

What if this End the Income Tax Ballot Initiative could set in motion copycat Ballot Initiatives in 4 or 8 or 12 more states in 2010 and 2012?

If this were the first step in dismantling Big Government in America, if you could help make it happen, would you want in?

It is possible. But don't take our word for it.
Just look over the amazing but true facts, figures, and information.
Because when you learn what we've learned, you'll be as excited as we are.

Three Surprising Massachusetts Vote Results ....

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1980 : Ronald Reagan for President won Massachusetts with 1,057,631 votes.
1984 : Ronald Reagan again won Massachusetts – this time with 1,310,936 votes.
2002 : Our first End the Income Tax Initiative in Massachusetts got 885,683 votes – 45.3%. We did it with volunteers, a small budget, and advertising spending of less than $89,000.

All in Massachusetts. The state that elected and re-elected Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, and Mike Dukakis.

What's going on? What was behind Ronald Reagan winning the Massachusetts Presidential vote twice? And what was behind our 45.3% vote to End the Income Tax?

We'll tell you about that in just a couple of minutes. But first…

Our Ballot Initiative Ends the Income Tax

No tax on wages . No tax on interest or dividends . No tax on capital gains . No Income Tax .

Our Small Government Act to End the Massachusetts Income Tax Ballot Initiative is a bold first step to make government small.
We've formed the Committee For Small Government to do this.
We've already submitted our ballot petitions to the state Attorney General for certification.
We're getting ready to launch the petitioning in early September. We have barely 63 days to collect over 107,000 raw petition signatures.
But why is this important? Why try to repeal the income tax?

What Are the Benefits of Ending the Income Tax in Massachusetts?

1. Our Ballot Initiative will give back over $3,600 each to over 3,000,000 Massachusetts workers. $3,600 average. Each worker. Not just once. Every year.
2. It will take $11 Billion out of the hands of Massachusetts Big Government – and put it back into the hands of the men and women who earned it. Not just once. Every year.
3. In productive, private hands this $11 Billion a year will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Massachusetts.
4. This will force the state legislature to streamline and cut the waste out of the Massachusetts state budget.
5. This will force the state legislature to get rid of the failed, flawed government programs that don't work – and often make things worse.
6. It'll make the state legislature accountable to Massachusetts workers and taxpayers – instead of the government employees, lobbyists, and special interests who profit from high government spending.
7. With less government and no income tax, Massachusetts will become a magnet to private, productive businesses and individuals. More good jobs and more good workers.

Wouldn't these benefits get you to the polls on Election Day in 2008?

Does Ending the state Income Tax Go Too Far?

Ending the Massachusetts Income Tax would roll back the state government spending 39% -- to the 1995 budget.

Between 1990 and 2007, the population of Massachusetts rose from 6 million residents to 6.5 million. In 17 years, the population increased 8.3%.

During the same period, Massachusetts state government spending more than DOUBLED.
During the same period, most city and town government spending also more than DOUBLED .
Reducing state government spending by only 39% leaves the state government more than it needs.

Why We Can Get this Initiative On the Ballot

Because we did it before. In tough circumstances.

We launched our 2002 End the Income Tax in August, 2001. Within 40 days, the 9/11 Terrorist Attack took place. It dried up our media coverage and crippled our fundraising. Within 90 days, the Internet Bubble of 1995 to 2001 popped.

Many of our supporters, donors, and volunteers worked in high tech businesses.

Despite these crippling events, we scrimped and scavenged enough money and volunteers to collect and file over 100,000 raw petition signatures before the fall 2001 deadline. And we successfully completed the 2nd, legally required petitioning, of another 17,000 raw signatures in Spring of 2002.

With half of the donations we expected – we got on the ballot.

In 2001, we started with a lot of donors and supporters from Carla Howell's US Senate race against Teddy Kennedy. We started with unbounded energy, momentum, and a network of volunteers. This helped us get through 9/11, the Internet recession, and hard financial times.

This fall, we'll need to collect 107,000 raw petition signatures. So it won't be easy.

But we did it last time. And we've learned some very important things we didn't know then. With your support, we can do it again.

Can We Get Serious News Coverage For This?

We believe we can.
Despite the fact that we got very little TV, radio, or newspaper coverage the last time.
Why? What's different this time?
Last time, the Mainstream News Media didn't believe us. They thought we were deluded Don Quixotes – tilting at windmills.

Political pundit Jim Braude told his TV and radio audiences that we wouldn't get over 20% of the vote.
Look at the 2002 polls.
The Boston Globe's last pre-election poll on our End the Income Tax initiative claimed that the Yes vote would be 34%.
The WHDH-TV News/Suffolk University poll showed our Yes vote at 34%.
The Boston Herald's poll showed the Yes vote polling at 25%.
All 3 polls claimed to be accurate to within 5%.

But on Election Day, we got 885,683 votes. 45.3% of the vote. Why were all the polls so wrong – and so low?

After Election Day 2002, over 300 newspapers reported our astonishing results . They expressed shock that 45% of the voters voted to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts. In the home of Ted Kennedy, Mike Dukakis, and John Kerry.

Last time, the mainstream media wrote us off.

We have the polls and data from last time. Can the Mainstream Newspapers, TV Reporters, and Talk Radio pundits really afford to make the same mistake twice?
We have no absolute guarantees that the News Media will give us strong coverage.
But Ron Paul's Internet buzz, infectious excitement, and continuous promotion and publicity show that it is possible.
We may be on the verge of the Internet-driven news coverage that Ron Paul's campaign has developed.
In the same way, the mainstream media may just read our news releases, interview Carla Howell and Michael Cloud on their shows, and give us escalating coverage this time.

The New Media. The Blogs, websites, and Internet activists will cover us. Internet reporters will drive mainstream and old media into covering us more.
Just as they did for Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign .

Why the New Media of the Internet May Make a Huge Difference in our Initiative to End the Income Tax

Good News:
There are more than 2,000 Internet News Media outlets we can reach out to who are receptive and responsive to our Small Government Mission to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts. Free market, business emphasis, small government, supply side, fiscal conservative, tax cutter, and constitutionalist - websites, blogs, columnists, and other magnificent disturbers of the peace.

Great News: The Ron Paul for President Campaign is a shining case study of Self-Starter/Entrepreneurial activism. Activism did not trickle down from the campaign to the Internet. It percolated up from the Internet to the campaign.

Ron Paul's bold, small government message and mission excited and ignited tens of thousands of Internet activists. They organize and activate themselves. They launch their own promotions of Ron Paul for President. They experiment, learn from, and teach each other what works –and what doesn't.
They get better and better.
Blogs. YouTube. Websites.

Michael Cloud has closely followed this incredible Internet activism since February. He's paying close attention to this. We can model, adopt, and adapt the best stuff we find. We'll ask for advice. Share what we learn. And build on what they are doing. More importantly, so can our supporters.

The Ron Paul for President Campaign continues to demonstrate that small government ideas attract and involve hundreds of thousands of young people who have never been involved in politics. It is reviving and re-energizing people who have nearly lost hope in the cause of individual freedom.

Why Our Ballot Initiative May Help Ron Paul in New Hampshire

In fact, our End the Income Tax Ballot Initiative in Massachusetts may create a synergy with the Ron Paul for President Campaign's efforts in the New Hampshire Primary.
We are right next door to New Hampshire. So are our volunteers. Our campaign to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts is 100% in sync with Ron Paul's campaign to End the federal Income Tax. With his calls for small government.

And Ron Paul's campaigning in New Hampshire may well help us in Massachusetts.

Why Ronald Reagan and Ending the Income Tax both did far better than expected in Massachusetts

A little earlier, we said we'd tell you why.
Blue Collar Workers. Working Class Voters. They are productive, contributing members of society.
Ronald Reagan appealed to their common sense about government. So did we.
Blue collar workers know that government is wasteful. They know that “every tax cut is a pay hike.”
Huge numbers of them voted for Reagan – and they voted “Yes” to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts.
There's more.

How You Benefit From Getting Involved

You may not live in Massachusetts. Many of our best supporters don't.

If you live outside Massachusetts, you won't get the direct benefit of not having to pay the state income tax.
Why should you get involved? Why should you donate money so that Massachusetts workers can end their Income Tax?

So you can make history. So you can be a vital part of “the Tax Revolution Heard ‘Round the World.” It's more than bragging rights. More than pride. It's your chance to be part of the new American Revolution For Small Government.

There's more.

California's Proposition 13 inspired copycat Tax Limitation Ballot Initiatives in over a dozen states. From 1978 through the mid-1980's, tax limitation fever swept the United States.

Term Limits Ballot Initiatives caught fire in the mid-1980's. They burned bright for a half—dozen years.

Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiatives exploded into public attention in the mid-1990's. Only the active resistance of the DEA and the Federal Government has kept a lid on them.

Ballot Initiatives against Eminent Domain swept America in 2006. More are on the way.

Imagine that our Massachusetts Ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax wins in 2008. Partly because you helped make it possible. Imagine inspiring and instigating copycat Ballot Initiatives to Repeal the Income Tax in 4 or 8 or 12 more states in 2010 and 2012.

You can help set this in motion.

How You Can Make a Real Difference

We need to collect over 107,000 raw petition signatures between September and November, this year. We have to pre-validate, sort, and distribute them to 351 different town clerks. Hard and exacting work. We have to get it right to get on the ballot.

We must start now. Will you help us?

Barely more than 63 days to petition this fall. In the rain. In the cold. In “Tax-achusetts.”

We must hire and manage skilled professional petitioners to ensure success. They cost money.

We are thrifty and frugal. As careful with your money as you are. As we proved last time, dollar for dollar, we give you more bang for the buck for your donation.

Great News – and an Amazing Opportunity for You

In the last 6 years, petitioning costs have risen. Inflation plus supply and demand. Dozens and dozens of ballot initiatives and candidates needing millions of petition signatures have driven up the cost.

But we have 2 ways to drive costs down.

1. Petition early – mid-September through early November - before the ballot initiatives and candidates in other states need the petitioners.
2. Your best donation now cuts petitioning costs. Money in the bank is leverage with petitioners. Some have been burned by organizations that could not or did not pay them. Or didn't pay them in full. Or didn't pay them on time. Money in the bank means they will get paid for their hard work. And it lets us negotiate a lower cost – since they can count on getting paid – in full and on time.

With your donation now – so we can petition early, and make sure workers get paid – we may be able to drive petitioning costs down to $1.50 a signature.
Can you, will you please donate $1,500 today to help us get 1,000 signatures – for our Ballot Petition to End the Income Tax? 1,000 petition signatures out of the 107,000 we must collect.
Or will you please donate $750 today for 500 signatures to End the Income Tax? Your $750 donation today will make a big difference.
If you can and will make a donation of this level, thank you.
But maybe you're one of the hundreds of readers on a tight budget. Many of our best supporters are.
Over 40% of our supporters donate $65 or $85, $25 or $45 when they can. These 40% were vital and indispensable to our extraordinary results with our last End the Income Tax Ballot Initiative. Are you one of these terrific individuals?
Will you help us? We need you and your contribution to help make this happen.
Can you, will you please donate $65 or $85, $25 or $45 today – to drive down petitioning costs – and help us get the 107,000 voter signatures needed? Will you please help now?
Join us, and make history. Help us dismantle Big Government.

Please donate now by credit card by clicking here.

Or please write your check or money order out today and mail it to:

The Committee For Small Government
6 Goodman Lane
Wayland, Massachusetts 01778
Your donation is our budget. Please donate generously. Please donate now.
Thank you.

With your active help, small government is possible,

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud

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