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 Spirituality: Voyager Connection - January 2008

Paranormal2008 "YEAR OF FORTUNE"

by James Wanless

Our lucky number in 2008 is ten, for those digits add up to ten, which means perfection. Ten reduces to the number one, which portends perfect unity and a new beginning. Ten in the Tarot represents the Fortune card and number one is the Magician. The Latin origin of the word, "fortune," is the realization of your destiny and abundance in all aspects of life. Magic is your power to make all this come true.

Wow, the potential for our coming year is potentially huge, personally and collectively! It's a real turnaround opportunity, but it comes with activating the principles that are symbolized in the Fortune and Magician cards and in the Voyager Tarot's map of the whole life as seen in all the number ten cards and their associated number ones, the Aces. Indeed, the opportunity of 2008 is manifested when the chance of our lot in life is met by preparation and action on these time-tested, universal tarot principles.

Let's get going, by first of all, believing in this possibility and intending its realization. This is the "opportunistic mind," where every thing, every situation, and every person is an opening and resource for good fortune. Where some find trash, see a treasure. While others wallow in setback, view it as a strategic retreat to find the open door of endless treats. As the Ten of Crystals suggests, we can either follow our visions and dreams, or crap out in doubt. Even if you don't believe, believe. ...

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And follow your passions (Ten of Cups)! When you are passionate, you are fortunate. Where there is passion, there is genius. With genius, wherein resides the magic of our inner Magician, there is success. It all starts with the impassioned beat of your heart. It takes heart to follow your heart. To win the big spin on the wheel of life is risky business. Fortune is like the roulette wheel, so now is the time to gamble on yourself with courage and trust. We never know whether our dreams are just that, delusions and pipedreams, but like the matador in the Voyager deck, it's only by risking misfortune that we find our fortune.

"2008 is not for the faint of heart, it's for those of you who are ready to grow, stretch and reach (see the Ten of Wands "Growth"). Jupiter, Fortune's planet, suggests that it's time to expand, increase, go big. The outcome for betting on yourself is reward, victory and success. Keep visualizing yourself being successful, steadfastly and often. As you do this inner picturing, feel the feeling of success, and affirm your magical abilities and talents.

Fortunately enough, the I Ching hexagram for Fortune is Feng, the number 55 (again a ten) which symbolizes abundance. This principle of clarity within and movement without produces greatness and prosperity. Yes, maintain a meditative practice of the "Magician's Ritual" –continue to see it, feel it, believe it, and invoke it. "It" being getting it, fulfilling your heart and soul's desire.

"Like the ancient Romans who prayed to the goddess Fortuna for good fortune and as the Chinese today who pay small fortunes to have their lucky number, eight, in their phone number, invoke the great spirit and your spiritual guardians for help. Like the "fortune bearer" god in the center of the Fortune card, receive with gratitude all that comes to you in life.

And then take action. Do it, be the future now. Turn those lemons into lemonade. Follow the rainbow. Have the guts to follow your gut of intuition, again and again and again... keep rolling. The wheel is turning, dance, be quick, be patient. Persistence wins and synchronicity rules!

In doing your "readings" for the new year, your outcome cards represent the possible future. If you like what you see, follow the fortune and magic principles to make them come true. If Fortuna has frowned upon you, now you are prepared to prevent and pre-empt. Once you have committed to turning the wheel from down to up, pick another card as your reward. Again, if you like what you see, meditate on it and make it happen.

There is no objective future out there for you. So, grab that gold ring of your passionate aspiration on the wheel of fortune called your life. The numbers, the cards, the planets, the hexagrams, the gods, and the times are in your favor. If you have read this, you know this and are ready for this. Say yes, be happy and move on, inwards to outwards, receptive to dynamic. Fulfill the prophecy.


This 6-card Reading is a forecast. The cards indicate the "possible" future for you in the coming 2008 calendar year.

Fan out all the cards facedown in a circle. From any part of the circle, which is your wheel of fortune, pick a card for each of the following: Finances, Work, Healthy, Home and Relationships. Then pick a card for Yourself for the coming year and place that in the center.

If you like your cards, fulfill the prophecy. Do whatever you can to make them come true. If you don't like a particular card, determine what you would do to prevent or preempt its happening. Then select another outcome card.


"Why not try your psychic power in doing the cards. I always say when picking the card, go for the truth. Try to pick the "right" card, not the best one. But there is another technique which I want to share with you as a result of my last Voyager Certification Workshop.

A couple of months ago, the Workshop did the Whole Self Mandala Reading. In This Reading, we pick a card from each of the four suits of Minor Arcanas. Because this is a "how to" Reading, the cards selected indicated how to be the "Magician" archetype in one's life. The optimum cards selected from these suits would be the Aces, for they represent the qualities and talents of the Magician.

One of the participants picked the Ace of Crystals and then the Ace of Cups. At that point, I wondered aloud if she would select the other Aces. In the past 22 years of doing this Reading in a workshop, only two participants have ever received three of the Aces. And I always say that if anyone gets all four Aces, I will give them the Voyager store!

Sure enough, she picked the third Ace, the Success card. At this point I wanted to know how she was doing this. To select the final card from the suit of Wands, she would carefully go through each of the cards face up and recognize them. Then she would flip them over, shuffle, feel them and select. She had absolute belief that she would pick the Aces. Voila, the fourth Ace! Amazing.

So, why not try to be an Ace yourself. For the Wheel of Fortune Reading, or for any Reading, intend to pick a particular card. And see what happens. An interesting aspect of this is that it replicates life. We always intend to have some outcome and then we see what does result in fact. And just because you may not get your intended card, don't dismay or throw it back. Like life, every outcome and every event is a resource. Use whatever you receive in life and in tarot as an opportunity. 2008 is your opportunity year!

You just may learn a bunch about yourself in this process.



"Archetypes in Paradise" Retreat

APRIL 6-12
(Everything included except airfare)

James Wanless
PO Box 1227
Carmel, CA 93921


Visit: Voyager Tarot – Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

Free Card-A-Day

Read Blue1Moon’s review of this product:

Buy the Voyager Tarot deck

[04 January 2007]

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