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 Other News: Voyager Connection - August 2008

ParanormalBy James Wanless

CARDS OF THE MONTH: Chariot and Strength

Why "cards" of the month? Why not the usual "card of the month?" Because we find ourselves moving from Cancer, which is the Chariot, to Leo, which is Strength.

So? This transition from Chariot to Strength is about coming out of your crab-like shell, stop moving sideways, run at the slightest hint of surprise, and seek to escape challenges and fears, which are all downsides of the Chariot archetype. The hero-side of the Chariot is a "spiritual warrior," that part of us wanting to grow, achieve and overcome tests and obstacles.

The Strength archetype reinforces the heroic Chariot because dwelling within your "heart of the lion" is to come out, come out whoever you are. Now is the time to choose change and move on so that you can live your unfulfilled destiny. It takes inner strength to speak your truth, declare your colors, and express your feelings. The lion within is your ally, an inner giant that confronts weakness, confusion, vacillation, uncertainty. It's not always about being right, but being authentic so that you can author your life. ...

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Hence the Hero's Journey as the "Reading of the Month." This Reading is a way of mapping your way and authoring your story to achieve your life quest. This proactive way of processing with the cards requires, first, that you know your quest, which is one of the most important features of the Chariot card ­– know where you are going, have a clear goal. The Chariot is not a "sunday driver," but a focused and determined driver to one's destination of choice. To reach the goal requires great inner resolve and willingness to go for it, thus the Strength card.

Bring your Charioteer and Lion together and you have a formidable inner team for fulfilling your life, knowing that you did your best to manifest your visions and dreams.


First, establish the Quest or Goal (speak and write it out).

Then, select a Card from the entire Deck for the Present for where you are now in life vis a vis the achievement of the Quest.

Then, select a Card that shows the Path that needs to be taken.

Then, as every hero faces a challenge, pick a Card representing the Obstacle, test, or demon.

Then, because every hero has the power to overcome the challenge, select a Card that indicates the strength or Ally to overcome the test and complete the Path.

Then every hero makes Sacrifices to be successful, so pick a Card that represents what needs to be let go of and released.

After a doable Action has been determined by you based upon all the information you have received in the Reading, pick an Outcome Card for taking the actions and following the Path.

THE QUEST (Write out)...


PATH Card...


ALLY Card...



OUTCOME (Card)...

LIFE IMITATES ART: The Hero's Journey

Synchronicity strikes again...and more!

Obviously, one of my favorite tarot readings is the Hero's Journey, which I was recently conducting for a singles group in a workshop. First, everyone determined their "Life Quest" and one card facedown was picked for the entire group from Voyager as the "Pathway" to manifest their individual quests. It was the CHARIOT – the "adventurer." Synchronistically, the group I was doing this workshop for is called "Events and Adventures." Keep in mind that Chariot-type hero's are committed to their success, will do whatever it takes to complete the journey, and be adaptable for unforeseen adventure. It was the perfect card for the perfect group. Maybe.

I then had one of the participants pick for the group their potential "Obstacle" card – that which could block them from achieving their life goal. It was SORROW, which follows some kind of disappointment. Hero's are able to truly feel the grief, cry it out, and in so doing, get out of the sad doldrums and perhaps some self-pity, and move on.

The next card picked for the group was what had to be "Sacrificed" to realize their vision (hero's do this), and it was BREAKTHROUGH, which meant letting go of impatience and be willing to keep working and take time. For some, this card could indicate sacrificing their comfort zone to break out and take vigorous action.

Every hero has an ally and so another card representing everyone's "Ally" card was picked. It was the Child of Cups, the FEELER. Wow. That's such a childlike quality of being moved and directed by emotions. In this world of change, who knows what's going to happen, so we might as well follow our heart and be in our motivated state of personal power.

If we could all have the focus, energy and perseverance of the Chariot quality, not be deterred by disappointments, willing to breakthrough fears and complacence, and run with power of emotion that starts and keeps us in motion, we'd have the right stuff to succeed.

I was really high on this group's dedication and direction. But then. As were ready to select the next card, there was a sudden knocking, a vigorous banging on the wall from outside. It was the Fire Department telling us to move our cars from the parking lot to another adjacent lot. Apparently a gas main was damaged, though we were allowed to return to the building. So, we all moved our chariot cars, but only half the group returned to complete the workshop!

Wow, what to make of this? Charioteer hero's copping out? These "Charioteers" were being tested as true adventurers. Here is where life presents a real world experience of an artistic endeavor, in this case, a "symbolic" hero's journey. This shows how often what we are thinking and talking about is, in fact, actually happening in that very moment. "As inside, so outside" it goes. Metaphors and symbols are real. What you think about may attract the physical situations for their realization in that very instant.

The Hero's Journey is all about action and of "walking the talk." So many of us talk or dream about goals, or pick cards and ask advice about how to manifest them. But the proof is in the pudding. Actions rule! It's good to remember that as we discuss or are reading the cards, we are in action. Let's not separate our worlds of thought and doing. They are one and the same. It's not about learn this and apply it later. The learning is the application.

Back to the workshop... remember the Sorrow and disappointment challenge. They talked about it but were not up to overcoming that. They truly did lrelinquish their mission. Ah, the pain for having been so inconvenienced by moving their cars.

As for releasing their Breakthrough impatience, they succumbed to the desire for immediate gratification, for after all, they had to sacrifice all of 5 minutes of workshop time.

This was such an opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the Hero's Journey, but they didn't get it. They essentially failed following the Chariot's pathway. But maybe not, for I suppose it could be seen that not returning was a heroic action – they let go, followed their heart, found their path and rode off into the sunset. How can anyone judge except oneself for oneself.

Again, the moral of the story is that what we desire is not about some future action but in the very moment, which indicates how successful you will be. My mantra: "BE THE FUTURE NOW!"



$175 For beginners or experts.

This workshop (10-5) on Saturday and Sunday is a small group of usually around 10 people. It's very informal as we experience the Voyager in my living room in beautiful Carmel Valley. We break for an hour for lunch. There's plenty of motels nearby at moderate rates and I will help you with this. If you are flying in, please come to Monterey Airport, which is 20 minutes from my home.

On day 1 Saturday, we will go through the entire Voyager Deck, the Major Arcana, Suit by Suit, and the Family cards in this 'hands on' experience as you receive and read your Life Cards, Year Card, and your path for becoming the archetypal Magician "Manifester" by the Whole Self Mandala Reading. On Sunday Day 2, we practice a variety of Readings that include the unique "free form" tarot through the Question and Answer process developed by myself You will see how tarot can be a daily spiritual growth practice by the Card-a-Day Ritual. Included in this day is the Hero's Journey reading that gives you a mythic map for achieving any and all of your goals, and the Decision-Making reading which provides you with a wholistic way of consulting the oracle for clarity about your life directions and choices.

Upon doing additional consultations, this workshop qualifies you as a certified Voyager Tarot Consultant.



Wow, finally a return to my beloved New York City where I spent 6 great years as a graduate student at Columbia University feeling the NYC pulse and drive. I will be working there and in next door New Jersey, while also going to Maryland. There's nothing quite like the northeast in the Fall – the colors, the weather, the tempo of life.


James Wanless
PO Box 1227
Carmel, CA 93921


Visit: The Voyager Tarot Website

Free Card-A-Day

Read Blue1Moon’s review of this product:

Buy the Voyager Tarot deck

[08 August 2008]

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