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 Other News: Voyager Connection - October 2008

ParanormalBy James Wanless

A Novel Way of Reading the Cards

Most of the time when I do Readings for others and myself, the cards are picked from the deck facedown. This insures some level of fresh insight as we cannot project what we'd like to see. Selecting cards facedown breaks us free of how we ordinarily think and in this time of change and uncertainty, old views and beliefs are often obsolete.

I am frequently asked how often I do the cards and I say it's every day in every way. However, this does not mean that I actually spread out the cards and do a Reading. In fact, the deepest and most powerful use of the cards is by doing them within your own mind's eye. Whenever I need some wise counsel from the tarot, I usually flash the cards in my imagination and one of them sticks out. That's the card and that's the advice. And it works!

This technique I call "mind's eye magic" was discovered when I was at a radio station and ready to go on live and use the cards to answer phone calls from listeners with questions. I suddenly realized that I had forgotten the cards. Yikes, the horror. What to do? Be creative. Immediately, it came to me to try this technique. It worked well and none of the listeners ever knew what I was doing. ...

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Try this practice, but of course you must first know the cards that you are using. To do this means "internalizing" the deck. This is invaluable as you carry within your field of awareness a complete "map of life." Somewhere in my brain there now exists an integrated set of images and concepts that guide me to a life of being whole – happy, healthy, holy and wealthy.

The balanced and whole life that I do lead results from following this phenomenal roadmap, and I am sure that much of this happens subconsciously. On a conscious level, I know when I'm doing a particular activity what my cards would tell me to do for balancing that out. For example, when I am energetically working to present my work, I am the Sun card. When the seminar or reading is over, my inner tarot tells me to become the Hermit or the Moon or even the Player.

The "watch out" for this way of living the inner tarot is projecting from our past what we think to be the correct thing to do. That is why actually having the physical cards facedown is so valuable. My practice of tarot is a bit of both. In general most of the time, the inner map works but sometimes my little intuitive voice says, "wait a minute." That's when I consult the actual cards. In this way we are getting the best of different worlds – my rich and experienced consciousness and the amazing quantum truth of the synchronicity presented by the actual physical cards that show up so appropriately.


Over the past three weeks, I have conducted the Hero's Journey Reading ten times. (You can find it in the Voyager Tarot instruction booklet that comes with the Deck). There were some notable cards that kept coming up in every group, whether I was with health care professionals in Santa Fe, whether with professional readers in New York or newbies in Baltimore, or wherever with whomever.

The "Ally" card, which represents our inner and outer helper (a person or type of persons) and is selected from only the "Family" cards, has most often been a "Child" card, whether the Player, Learner, Seeker or Feeler. This indicates to me that we are all in a time of exploration, learning and growth. In this time of uncertainty and change, these cards make sense. Never ever underestimate the power of your own "inner child." It is that quality within us that is adventurous, risk-taking and curious. Without those skills and attitudes, we all run the risk of obsolescence. What's the last time you learned something new, took risks and learned from mistakes?

As for mistakes, meaning in the Hero's Journey Reading, those adversities that vex and teach us, every group selected the potential obstacle for achieving their quests from the so-called "caca" cards ­– the 12 problematic cards. Just about every time it was a version of the Fives ­– Negativity and Disappointment. No kidding. Thing go awry and our ego gets negative and depressed. But once we have previewed, we can prevent. Once we have previewed, we can pre-empt. Why? Because we are prepared by the advance information represented by these cards. When this happens, let go and "let god," as they say. See the opportunities that do exist.

I love this Reading. It's a great storytelling scenario for game planning your life. Do it and act on it!


Voyager is on the move in March 2009 to Hawaii and Greece.

Voyager Goes to Greece
MARCH 18-28, 2009
The Magic, Mysteries and Myths of Greece to Inspire your Soul and Guide Your Life Journey

Kalani Honua Retreat Center


James Wanless
PO Box 1227
Carmel, CA 93921


Visit: The Voyager Tarot Website

Free Card-A-Day

Read Blue1Moon’s review of this product:

Buy the Voyager Tarot deck

[04 October 2008]

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