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 The News: Free speech for feminists only, please

OpinionFrom: Abram Spritzler

I posted a leaflet recently, today in fact, that went like this. Boy, did I get some comments about it...

Men's Rights


Human Rights.

Across the world, governments - not the people -

are making laws that discriminate against men and boys.

Men and women are being pitted against each other in order to weaken us all as part of a divide and rule strategy being carried out by Big Money and the governments that Big Money bought.


To hear about what is going on,

as well as let YOUR voice be heard,

contact Abe at [email protected]

Wouldn't you know it, one was defaced and a couple torn down. The one that was defaced had two comments on it, with different pens, though possibly the same group, of course. One went like this: ...

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"If you want to fight the prison system and male suicide rates then fight sexist capitalism that reduces women to commodities ---- take your MRA shit elsewhere" MRA being Men's Rights Activism/Activist.

What can be said of it? Well, for one, the commentator is in poor taste. Both are. I spent time money, and thought on this effort, and have committed to doing the work of facilitating discussions that could come of it. They took out pens and without any regard for the efforts of others, and without any real effort themselves, they write vacuous comments that are designed to intimidate me and others from having a conversation about human rights. They could have written and paid for their own leaflet, but they have utter contempt for someone they don't even know. This IS counter-revolutionary because it is an attack on free speech - by defacing my speech they have impinged on my right to free speech.

And for it's content? This can be said:

Why must capitalism be fought only because it is sexist towards women? This is indeed the implication of this comment. What does reducing the male suicide rate and fighting the prison system's injustices have to do with capitalism commodifying women? Why can't men be victims of capitalism directly? Why must it only be via capitalism oppressing women that men are harmed and are committing suicide at such high rates or being thrown in jail without trial to be raped and beaten, 20 million men? What exactly does this person think the relationship between the commodification of women and the burdens that men face at a much higher rate than woman is, exactly?

Men cannot be victimized directly by capitalism, or else Patriarchy theory is false. So, these 'commentators' deny it. They deny black lung, they deny wars and suicide due to war, they deny the 50/50 split of domestic violence by gender, they deny the legal definition of rape being such that women cannot rape men, they deny that men are falsely accused of harming women by women who simply want revenge, they deny that their denial exist and thus that it could ever foment the pain and suffering they claim to oppose and work to prevent.

Why would they deny these truths? I believe it is because there has been a massive campaign of misandry that is orchestrated by people who possess a keen understanding of the psychology of both men and women and the differences between the two. We have evolved to have a preference-bias towards women. Men and women, when tested, will side with the female more often than the male in studies involving questions about who one would side with in different scenarios that were not based on substantive gender differences. We have evolved to protect women and children, and send only a tiny percentage of women to fight and die in wars to protect the freedom of women who will never be drafted to die themselves to protect that same freedom. Ain't equality as one might want, but it worked. We got to this point and now dominate the planet because of it. But it leads us to believe that men are to be tamed, and women are usually better, more rationale and empathetic people. These ideas are wrong, and when not challenged in the name of equality and fairness, we end up with a collective resentment of masculinity that is easily harnessed and fomented by the elite in order to destroy our belief in HALF, and then ALL of humanity and thus democracy as well. In the PC world, you can shit on men, and no one will care...except a growing and pissed of group of men and women who want real equality and real unity.

The next comment went like this:

"What the hell is this crap?! Worldwide violence to and discrimination against women is rampant. - Abe, get your head out of your ass! - A. Male"

Well, why should laws discriminate against males because women are victims of violence and discrimination? As if this person knew of the laws I was referring to. They could have asked, I left my name and email, but that would have been a respectable thing to do, and intellectual fair and sound thing to do. Domestic violence against men accounts for about half of the incidents of domestic violence, and war kills vastly more men than women, and lastly that women murder their own children, their husband's children, more often than men murder their children. And yet mentioning that there are laws that discriminate against men elicits a response that calls attention to violence and discrimination against women, as if this had any explanative value to the burdens that men face far more often than women. Again, the idea that capitalism is the dominant system, and that patriarchy either does not exist, or plays only a supplementary role to capitalism is what is rejected by these commentators. That men and women are being pitted against each other by anyone except ALL men is not fathomable to this group. This is their stance on class; it is a non issue. This is why it is the very essence of counter-revolution. We must reject bigotry, misandry and misogyny, in ALL of their forms, no matter how small.

I will respond by posting in the same place a leaflet with information that will be hard to explain within the Patriarchy theory. A list of laws passed by men that discriminate against men, such a thing should not exist in a patriarchy. And yet...

Its class, baby. Class.



Abram Spritzler was born and raised and resides in Jamaica Plain, Boston MA. Since a young child dealing with racial tension at a mostly black elementary school, he has been searching for the reasons for the strife and hardship that afflict most people. Through this effort he has come to the conclusion that there is a conscious plan to destabilize people's lives, to disempower them financially, socially, and intellectually, so that the few who are in power may remain in power. The class war is not one of two sides competing for the same thing; money, but is rather a conflict over what values should shape our society: democracy and equality that most people cherish, or the inequality and selfishness that the ruling class cherish. We are not alone in wanting a truly equal and democratic world. When we become aware of our true numbers, we can defeat the 1%, permanently.


[11 April 2013]

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