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 Rants: How Would America Feel About Receiving the Kind of

OpinionHelp We've Given Iraq?

AlienLove Editor

Started an illegal war, responsible for the death of thousands of innocents, lies to his country, imprisons and tortures innocent people without trial, harbors Weapons of Mass Destruction, stamps upon personal freedom and liberty – am I talking about Saddam – NO! Unfortunately, this description fits our leader, George W. Bush, perfectly.

I was playing a mindless game at Pogo.com earlier this week. The games have chat rooms, which for the most part, I ignore. I’m just looking for some down time. However, I happened to notice someone complaining about how “those people are so unappreciative of all the help we are giving them" in regard to Iraq...

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Being already annoyed at having just listened to some of “Bush’s Latest Bull,” I asked this person in the chatroom how they thought Americans would appreciate receiving help, like we’ve given Iraq, from another country. I immediately became extremely unpopular, with chatters announcing they were muting me, others told me I was weird and asked if I was a Democrat, a Muslim, an Anarchist. And of course, not a one wanted to have to think about that question. Hmmm…”Do Unto Others?”

In another recent conversation, with a person I know well, who believes herself a true Christian (“King James Version”), I was informed that all presidents are somewhat bad or evil, and that it was basically ok and to be expected.

So evil is okay, and following a warmonger leader who is a known liar is okay, as long as he is a loudly self-proclaimed church-going “Christian” and continues to insist he is guided by “God”?

Of course, this person has admitted before that she does not read, or watch even the watered-down news that mainstream media smothers us with. Her leaders tell her that it’s okay – so it works for her, and she is very upset to even have to hear a dissenting opinion, and I am told I go way too far to suggest Mr. Bush is evil, and that she can’t listen to that.

I have a hard time accepting that thinking for yourself, investigating your sources of information, or even listening to another opinion, is verboten. But then again, the brainwashing might break down – the life in La-La-Land might crumble (and the funding of right-wing oppressive programs, that is payback for Bush support, might stop being funneled to these “Christian leaders.”) Or perhaps, to be more kind, it is just the unconscious realization of the fragility of the rationalizations she is expected to accept without question.

Frankly I think that the prophet, Jesus, could only look upon this kind of evil with great sorrow. It was never his message to kill and bomb others, it was his message to love your neighbor, turn the other cheek. For this kind of horror to once again be perpetrated in His name with the full blessings of supposedly “true” Christians, makes me wonder if anyone actually remembers the message that Jesus tried to spread. How can it be that a being of light, peace and love has had his message so twisted, that wars fought in his name are as common as breathing.

How can it be that these “Christians” expect non-believers will be converted to HIS message of light and love, when unending death and destruction, throughout history, has continually been carried out in His name. Is this spreading the word of Light and Love??? How can a “true” Christian accept pre-emptive strikes? The death and decimation, done again and again, supposedly “Under God.”

We are each responsible for our own actions – both those done and left undone.

Think about what is being done in the name of “Truth, Justice & the American Way,” for “Freedom,” and in the name of “God”.

I can only hope that some day I will awake from these evil dreams that have somehow become reality, under the guiding hand, not of God, but that of George W. Bush, to find a that light has returned to the world. I certainly hope that this country has the sense to make the necessary changes themselves, because personally, I don’t think I’d appreciate another country deciding to give us the kind of help we have given the Iraqi people and so many others in America’s untaught history.

In the meantime, I work to give that light an opening, and ask that all think about what is happening. I listen to "For What it's Worth" often now, I almost feel like it’s the unofficial theme song of Alienlove.com, at least for the present time, here are some of the words that ring so true:

“For What It’s Worth
by Stephen Stills

“There’s something happening here--What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there--Telling me I got to beware…

There's battle lines being drawn--Nobody's right if everybody's wrong…

Paranoia strikes deep--Into your life it will creep--It starts when you're always afraid…

I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound--Everybody look what’s going down.”

Still so true, and so denied, while the unending cycle of war, death and destruction continues unabated.

For all the words to this song: “For What It’s Worth”

Note: Be sure to read of both the excellent comments made by NonZionist on this article. [B1M]

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"How Would America Feel About Receiving the Kind of" | Login/Create an Account | 4 comments | Search Discussion
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How would Americans enjoy (Score: 1)
by NonZionist on Saturday, July 16 @ 08:40:34 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
The following article takes your thought-provoking question and arms it with facts and gory details.


If America Were Iraq

by Juan Cole / September 23, 2004

Your question reflects the "Golden Rule" outlook -- "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I used to think that this rule is "the cornerstone of our civilization". But for the last twenty-five years, I've been learning that there are actually two civilizations contending here in what was once America,

  • one based on the Golden Rule (or empathy), and
  • the other based on "Might makes right" (or dominance).

It is the ruthless "Might Makes Right" people who run our Empire, but they use us "Golden Rule" people as their front. They sugarcoat their murderous paranoid ways with lip-service to "Freedom" and "Democracy". They disguise their killing sprees as "Altruism" and "Generosity".

The division between the "empathy faction" and the "dominance faction" transcends "party" affiliation. The "Democrat" wing of the War Party, for example, gave us the "Humanitarian" war against Yugoslavia.

The unprovoked aggression against Yugoslavia then provided the R's with a precedent for the unprovoked aggression against Iraq. The D's and the R's operate as a "soft cop / hard cop" team, the two wings working together to ratchet us down into greater and greater evils.

No matter which wing we vote for, we get more war, more globalism, more corruption, more Wilsonianism, and more Zionism. Our electoral "choice" is an illusion: It co-opts us. It leaves us discouraged and dis-empowered. It's like the "choice" a death-row inmate has -- either the needle or the chair. That is what our "freedom" is coming down to.

In our broken "winner takes all" political system, the gangsters rise to the top. -- and no one else wants the job! Government becomes another branch of organzed crime, and our "elections" simply lend legitimacy to the top criminals and their front-men.

Our country is being torn apart by evil forces. The Trotskyite Straussians who masqueade as "neo-conservatives" are nothing, if not evil.

However, good sometimes results, indirectly, from evil.

  • Evil goads us out of our complacency.
  • The struggle against evil brings diverse people together in community.
  • The need to resist evil knocks down artificial political divisions, like the division between "left" and "right".
  • Evil forces people to become more inventive and creative.
  • It leads us to develop a greater appreciation for the qualities and traditions we are losing.
  • The struggle makes us deeper, and thus stronger.
  • It builds character.

Blame is safer than praise. I hate to be defended in a newspaper. As long as all that is said is said against me, I feel a certain assurance of success. But as soon as honeyed words of praise are spoken for me I feel as one that lies unprotected before his enemies. In general, every evil to which we do not suc*****b is a benefactor.
-- Emerson, "Compensation", 1844

The trick is to stay close enough to the struggle to be transformed and tested, but not so close as to be consumed! Struggle then becomes a two-way street: We put energy into politics, but we get energy back as well.

According to Emperor Bush "you are either with us or with the evil-doers". Well, Bush is half-right. We ARE being polarized into good and evil. And the polarization is helping us to see the nature of the evil clearly.

God seeks comrades and claims love; the Devil seeks slaves and claims obedience.
-- Rabindranath Tagore, _Fireflies, 1928

The clarity brings truth, and the truth will set us free.

Whether or not the material world survives the war-making madness is another question. Death and destruction is the price we pay for decades of complacency and trust. (The great American novelist, Taylor Caldwell, addresses the disaster that results from misplaced love and trust in Ceremony of the Innocent.)

America, as we know it, is already dead and gone. The sooner we say our goodbyes and shed our illusions about America, the sooner we will be free to start building a new "Golden Rule civilization". And this time, we will have a better understanding of the nature of the pharisaical enemy.

There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.
-- Goethe

Re: How Would America Feel About Receiving the Kind of (Score: 1)
by FrogDaddy on Saturday, July 16 @ 14:14:05 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
I ask you Who's Next?

Re: How Would America Feel About Receiving the Kind of (Score: 1)
by Blue1moon on Saturday, July 16 @ 17:20:09 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Non-Zionist - great comment - thanks for the additional information and your insights, I guess I keep expecting those who say they are Christians to understand/live the "Do Unto Others Rule" I am too often disappointed.

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