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-– B. Lester

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 Rants: Ranting Cheney & Raging Grannies

AlienLove Editor

Let me tell you a bit about the 'Raging Grannies' (more inside) as we watch the Bush Administration twisting in the wind. Does Dick Cheney expect anything but disgust at his laughable claims about Congresspersons having access to all the same intelligence as the Oval Office did; or that “…back home a few opportunists are suggesting they [soldiers and Marines] were sent into battle for a lie…” (A few?!?!?*)

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Another good one was that some politicians are “…making a play for political advantage in the middle of a war…”

Who is he kidding?

(This from the administration that has used fake reporters, used taxpayer money to further their agendas by purchasing positive news coverage; fake photo ops; only hand-picked reporters with White House-chosen questions allowed interviews or even to be present at events or news conferences!)

Hurrah! - The American people just aren't buying the bull anymore – at least not most of them! As a matter of fact** most Americans approve of Rep. John Murtha’s call for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq – Representative Murtha (D –PA) is a Vietnam Veteran, once Marine Intelligence Officer and an influential House Democrat. In response to Cheney’s angry ranting Murtha said, "I like guys who've never been there that criticize us who've been there. I like that. I like guys who got five deferments and never been there and send people to war, and then don't like to hear suggestions about what needs to be done."

Polls currently up on AOL (11/17/05 ~ 11pm EST - votes still coming in):

*Do you think the White House misled the public about the reasons for going to war in Iraq?
Yes 74% No 26%
Total Votes: 32,420

**What do you think of Murtha's call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq?
I applaud it 55% I think it's irresponsible 32% I have some reservations 14%
Total Votes: 126,251

To read the full text ("As Prepared for Delivery" of) “Vice President's Remarks at the Frontiers of Freedom Institute 2005 Ronald Reagan Gala”

Personally, I prefer The Raging Grannies to Mr. Cheney’s rants...

So, I’d like to tell you a little about them and offer some information about starting a RagingGrannies group in your area.

This activist organization began during the winter of 1986/1987 in Victoria, British Columbia, and has spread throughout Canada, the US and the world. The Grannies protest, sing songs – often rewriting the lyrics of well-known tunes.

Eighteen ‘Grandmothers Against War’ were arrested this summer in NYC while counter-recruiting. The following is the statement they made on October 17th, 2005 prior to their arrest:


“We are grandmothers heartbroken over the huge loss of life and limb in Iraq. We feel it is our patriotic duty to enlist in the United States military today in order to replace our grandchildren who have been deployed there far too long and are anxious to come home now while they are still alive and whole. By this action, we are not supporting the use of military force in Iraq — in fact, we are totally against it. But inasmuch as it exists, our goal in joining up is only to protect young people from further death and maiming.

We grandmothers have all had the privilege of living long lives and are willing to put ourselves in harm’s way so that our own and other people’s grandchildren will have a chance to enjoy full lives as we have.

We believe these young men and women are being used as cannon fodder in an illegal and totally unjustified war against a nation which posed no threat to us. They were sent there on a web of lies and deceit resulting in untold harm to them and countless innocent Iraqi people.

We hope that by enlisting today we can help bring about the early end of this immoral occupation and the return of our brave young people to their homes and families .... now.”

Their statement was signed by:
Code Pink; New York Women for Peace; Elders for Peace and Justice for the Next 7 Generations; Grandmothers against the War; Grandmothers for Peace International; Gray Panthers; New York City Raging Grannies; Peace Action New York State; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

“New York: Grandmothers Against the War - Grandmothers Go to Jail for Peace”
By Ann Shirazi, one of the Granny Jailbirds 18 and peace activist

If you are interested in beginning a ‘Raging Grannies’ group in your area, check out the: Raging Grannies Starter Kit - No cost - just info on how to get started:

And from the “Ottawa Raging Grannies” I am reprinting one of the many songs they sing while protesting, as well as a second popular 'Grannie tune:

When Nobody Marches

Lyrics by Grannie Corinne
(Tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home - by Patrick S. Gilmore)

When nobody marches off to war
Hurrah, hurrah,
We'll live in peace for evermore
Hurrah, hurrah!

The men will cheer, the boys will shout,
The ladies, they will all turn out,
And we'll all feel gay when nobody goes to war.

We all will make a joyful noise
Hurrah, hurrah!
We'll be so proud we made the choice
Hurrah, hurrah!
Let love and friendship rule the day,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let us live a better way
Hurrah, hurrah!
When Bush and company mend their ways
Hurrah, hurrah!
And learn that murder never pays
Hurrah, hurrah!
When killing stops around the world
Hurrah, hurrah!
And missiles are no longer hurled
Hurrah, hurrah!
When all the peoples live as one
Hurrah, hurrah!
And all the fighting's over and done
Hurrah, hurrah!
When all of our children know such love
Hurrah, hurrah!
They can't imagine how it was
Hurrah, hurrah!



(Tune: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”)

Take me out of the war game,
Let’s all leave in a crowd,
Let’s all say that we don’t want to play
The price of conquest is too high to pay,
And we’ll root, root, root for life’s living,
If war games are sad it’s a shame,
’Cause we’re one, two, three saying “no!”
To the old war game.

Take me out of the war game,
Let’s go play with the kids,
There’s lots of them here who need someone near
To feed them and hug them and give them a cheer,
And we’ll root, root, root for the small ones
And give our sport a new name:
Call it two, three, four billion “nos”
To the old war game.

Join with us in a new game,
Bring your family and friends.
We’re just getting started, we’re full of heart,
Come and join us, it’s time for a start.
And let’s root, root, root for life’s living,
Cause we’re out to stake a new claim:
Let’s hear four, five, six billion YELLS

RagingGrannie Links (well, two of many):

Raging Grannies Without Borders

The Raging Grannies of Seattle

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"Ranting Cheney & Raging Grannies" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments | Search Discussion
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Re: Ranting Cheney & Raging Grannies (Score: 1)
by Aveline on Friday, November 18 @ 01:27:18 EST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
Another great rant, thanks BlueOne!

Re: Ranting Cheney & Raging Grannies (Score: 1)
by FrogDaddy on Friday, November 18 @ 05:12:07 EST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
I agree, one of the best ever.
I love the Raging Grannies!

Re: Ranting Cheney & Raging Grannies (Score: 1)
by Blue1moon on Friday, November 18 @ 13:40:09 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Did you see the photos of Dick Cheney giving that speech? Wow, is he scary looking - he appears to be about to burst with rage!

Do you think he is trying to scare the world into submission with the 'Cheney Evil-Eye' and claims of doom?

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