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 Rants: End of the Year Ranting

OpinionBy Blue1Moon
AlienLove Editor

Well I took a break from ranting for a couple weeks for the holidays, unfortunately issues to rant about did not take a break. So the question is, where to begin? I was flipping channels a week or so ago and came across the Teen/Kid News (ABC/WCVB), sponsored by "Weekly Reader" Magazine and decided to tune in for a few minutes. They were doing a supposed “poll”, pushing the idea of implantation of location chips in kids, interviewing primarily pro-chip teens! All I could think was, ah… the new brainwash issue for this generation of kids. Let the government implant chips in your body (for your own protection against kidnappers, or so you can be indentified/located after a car accident). Well now, we already have ONStar tracking our vehicles every movement, speed, etc., next we will all have chips implanted in us, for our safety of course, so we can be located at all times, no matter where we are!!! What a lovely thought – wonder who's funding that one! Complete monitoring of all citizens – Big Brother move on over – Bigger Brother comes! (I’m sure it will next be suggested for seniors in case they wander off in an Alzheimer’s trance.)

Along these same lines, it was announced this week that in our own Bellows Falls, Vermont, despite the fact that crime has fallen for several years in a row - the town received a federal grant to fund 16 spy cameras to be located in and around the downtown area – for our safety! In a town of 3,000 people, $98,000 to spy on their small downtown area?? – so who sold us out?...

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In other news...We had a couple situations in the past week, where mulitple police officers surrounded a knife-wielding man and could only stop him by numerous bullets. Hmm..we have tranquilizer darts to bring down unfortunate critters that wander where they are not wanted, why is it that American citizens are not shown such mercy? Just knock them out cold! There’s still a chance to ask questions, a fatal mistake of identity or circumstance does not result! One dart for a small person, two for a large person – seems simple enough! So why the lethal force? Even a gunman can’t shoot when he’s anesthetized, nor can a knife wielder, wield! With all our technology, our police forces are still trained like ‘wild west’ sheriffs! Shoot-out at the “OK Corral” or downtown...back roads...anywhere – perhaps coming soon to your home, business, subway...

No Press In White House for 7 Months!: On 12/27/05 it was announced on CNN Headline News that the White House will be renovating the Press Room over the next seven months, the unfortunate result being that there will be no press in the White House during this time – and the anchors cooed over how wonderful it will be when the old chairs and equipment are modernized and more comfortable.

Seems like awfully convenient timing for the Kingdom of Bush, now that most of the country thinks he should be impeached! The press and a few politicians are finally questioning the administration’s numerous blatantly illegal actions. So, a few crumbs to the press corps – nice new digs - and another layer of protection for the Administration – sweet deal!

In fact, according to a poll conducted by MSNBC, this week, asking the question:

“Do you believe President Bush’s actions justify impeachment?”

86% said YES!
[of 179,086 responses]
That “between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there was plenty to justify putting him on trial”! [12/29/05 9:35pm]

Sounds like a rather strong mandate for change in my opinion. Despite Mr. Bush’s best efforts to bamboozle us with 'moodoo', it just ain’t flying! The millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money gone to buy good press coverage just can’t cover his lies and criminality anymore. About time!

To end the year’s ranting on a more positive note, friend/member of AlienLove, Tommeb, sent me an interesting e-mail last week. It was a grassroots call for the drafting of Bill Moyers for President [http://www.billmoyersforpresident.org/]. I confess that I do not know enough about Mr. Moyers to say whether I would want him as president, and apparently Mr. Moyers wasn’t interested because the site now lists a message that reads: “Sorry! We have been asked to discontinue this draft effort...” but I absolutely love the idea of ‘drafting’ a president!

Wow – Instead of self-serving ego-maniacs who just want more and more power – we could recommend someone who has the country’s respect! What a thought! Someone who by their actions and life actually show that they are capable of guiding a country.

I read a science fiction story once, whose name I don’t remember (anyone else know?) in which a computer picked the president, based on qualifications – there was no choice about accepting – but I believe it was only for a year. Now, I know that wouldn’t work nowadays, since our voting machines were already compromised by being pre-programmed for the winner – but the idea of “drafting” a president intrigues me greatly.

In our forums, Soulgazer suggested that, “we should have a national political channel, where anyone who could garner ten thousand signatures could campaign for free. Sort of even out the playing field. As it is now, Abraham Lincoln could NEVER have run for office.
Do away with political parties entirely, let people campaign on their own ideas and merits.”

Just “imagine”! Someone qualified, not just rich, or having sold out to the highest corporate bidder, as President!

Perhaps a “public servant” instead of a slavemaster/wolf!

Why it could make an incredible difference!

Many Blessings in the New Year,
With Hopes of Peace*,


*A Peaceful New Year! "Imagine!" By Liel
[Enjoy! An uplifting performance of the song written by John Lennon]

Sources/More Information:

"Spy cameras coming to BF" http://www.reformer.com/Stories/0,1413,102~8860~3182312,00.html

"Police fatally shoot mentally ill Somali immigrant"

"New Orleans chief defends fatal shooting"

"Live Vote: Should Bush Be Impeached? – Politics – MSNBC.com"

"UPDATE: White House Press Room To Be Closed For Makeover"

[Weekly Reader On-Line]

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Re: End of the Year Ranting (Score: 1)
by 13thGuard on Friday, December 30 @ 16:47:09 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
MSNBC is a very old boys network, filled with neo-con cronies Sieg Hielers and the like I am very surprised that 86% would consider impeaching Bush....

Re: End of the Year Ranting (Score: 1)
by Blue1moon on Saturday, December 31 @ 13:05:14 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Amazing isn't it?
Even the religious right and his own party are beginning to pull away - finally they realize he has gone way too far and is not what he claimed to be.
Yet he is still not impeached!
Still doing damage!

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