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-– B. Lester

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 Travel News: Tracking Santa with NORAD

by Blue1Moon

Someone in the house want to check out Santa as he makes his rounds?

Did you know that NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa?

Santa Cams
Jet Fighter Aircraft

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, December 24 @ 16:45:24 EST (799 reads)
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 Travel News: Tracking Santa with NORAD 2009

by Blue1Moon

Someone in the house want to check out Santa as he makes his rounds?

Did you know that NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa?

Santa Cams
Jet Fighter Aircraft

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, December 24 @ 07:55:40 EST (724 reads)
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 Travel News: ACLU Opposes Texas D.A.'s Attempt To Use Seized Assets

The NewsTo Pay For Her Own Legal Defense

Top County Law Enforcement Official Accused Of Illegally Seizing Cash From Minority Motorists

AUSTIN – The American Civil LibertiesUnion and the ACLU of Texas today filed a brief with the Texas Attorney General's office opposing a request by Shelby County District Attorney Lynda K. Russell to use money she allegedly seized illegally from motorists to defend herself against a federal lawsuit accusing her of stripping drivers – almost all of them black – of their property without ever charging them with a crime. The brief also argues that either the county or state, both of which have refused to defend Russell, must be accountable for Russell's actions and cannot decline to represent her.

Russell is accused of participating in a scheme in which authorities pull over mostly African-American motorists driving along a state highway in Tenaha, TX without cause, ask if they are carrying cash and, if so, order them to sign over the cash to the town or face felony charges of money laundering or other serious crimes. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, October 06 @ 21:04:39 EDT (738 reads)
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 Travel News: Unbelievable Stories of Dracula's Cruelty Most Likely True

Unusual NewsBy Yury Suprunenko & Irina Shlionskaya

Wallachian commander Vlad Ţepeş (Impaler), whose residence was located in Sighisoara, Romania, was neither a vampire nor any other supernatural creature. His family coat of arms had an image of a dragon on it, Dracula in Wallachian. That’s where the commander’s sinister nickname came from. However, the stories of his cruelty are most likely true. And Tepes was a nickname as well, not his last name. Vlad enjoyed impaling people (“tep” means “pole” in Romanian).

They say he nailed the hats to the heads of French ambassadors because they refused to remove them before him. He impaled his servant only because the poor guy could not stand the smell of corpses that served as a background for Dracula’s feasts.

Once he gathered all the beggars of his area for a feast and burned them down afterwards. The villain believed that he killed two birds with one stone – freed the country from the beggars and saved the beggars themselves from illnesses and suffering.

Once Dracula ordered to chop off the hands of a peasant’s wife and then impale her because she met her husband wearing rugged clothes. This was a reminder for other female peasants to patch their clothes. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, October 02 @ 19:59:54 EDT (1112 reads)
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 Travel News: A Weaver’s Welcome

War Newsby: Kathy Kelly, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Shortly after arriving in Pakistan, one week ago, we met a weaver and his extended family, numbering 76 in all, who had been forcibly displaced from their homes in Fathepur, a small village in the Swat Valley.

Fighting between the Pakistani military and the Taliban had intensified. Terrified by aerial bombing and anxious to leave before a curfew would make flight impossible, the family packed all the belongings they could carry and fled on foot. It was a harrowing four-day journey over snow-covered hills. Leaving their village, they faced a Taliban checkpoint where a villager trying to leave had been assassinated that same morning. Fortunately, a Taliban guard let them pass. Walking many miles each day, with 45 children and 22 women, they supported one another as best they could. Men took turns carrying a frail grandmother on their shoulders. One woman gave birth to her baby, Hamza, on the road. When they arrived, exhausted, at a rest stop in the outskirts of Islamabad, they had no idea where to go next.

While there, the weaver struck up a conversation with a man whom he'd never met before. He told the man about the family's plight. Hearing that they were homeless, the man invited them to live with him and his family in a large building, which he is renovating. He offered to put the reconstruction on hold so that the family could move into the upper stories of his building. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, June 03 @ 20:05:52 EDT (571 reads)
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 Travel News: Tracking Santa with NORAD 2008

by Blue1Moon

Someone in the house want to check out Santa as he makes his rounds?

Did you know that NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa?

Santa Cams
Jet Fighter Aircraft

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, December 23 @ 17:15:25 EST (755 reads)
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 Travel News: Stonehenge Originally Appeared as Resort Hotel

InternationalTranslated by Julia Bulygina

Forty four years after the last archeological research of the famous Stonehenge, British scientists have organized two-week excavations. Although it will take years to study the findings, it goes without saying that the work will bring sensational results.

There are hardly any other mysterious places in the world than the well-known British megalith that attracted people of the Stone Age. Professor Geoff Wainwright, Chief Archaeologist at English Heritage, and Tim Darvill, Professor of Archaeology at Bournemouth University, are certain that they have contrived to unravel one of the mysteries of the Neolithic giant, namely the mystery of its origin. They believe that if Stonehenge indeed used to be an astronomic calendar, a place for religious pilgrimage during the Stone Age or a place where druids paid homage to their corpses then it happened long time afterwards. Stonehenge originally was a sanatorium, or a resort hotel.

The scientists say that the internal ring of Stonehenge, which has been lost, used to be formed by blocks of the so-called blue stones that had the supernatural healing power, as people of the Stone Age believed. Each of those blocked weighed from one to three tons. As well as the modern French town of Lourdes (Europe’s healing place which attracts sick people hoping to cure their diseases), this place attracted sick people from the whole island at least 4,500 years ago. They came to scrape down some dust from the blue stones and thus to cure themselves with the help of this dust. This belief was widespread in the early 19th century in Wales and Wiltshire. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, May 23 @ 19:49:38 EDT (670 reads)
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 Travel News: Amsterdam Authorities Switch Off Red Lights

InternationalBy Anastasia Tomazhenkova

Amsterdam city council ordered escort services to obtain licenses within 6 weeks or shut down. It is one of the latest steps to tighten controls on legal prostitution.

The order is part of a campaign to combat money laundering, human trafficking and abuse in the sex industry. It was legalized in 2000.

To obtain a license, escort agencies must have a fixed address and telephone number, and must guarantee that prostitutes are healthy and work in safe conditions, the city said in a statement.

In the past 18 months, the city has purchased and shut down around a third of the windows in its famed Red Light District, where scantily clad women have beckoned customers for hundreds of years. Many were reopened last month as shops for young fashion designers.

The city also closed its most famous high-end brothel, Yab Yum, and has ordered the closure of several sex theaters. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, February 14 @ 19:27:14 EST (650 reads)
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 Travel News: Poverty Olympics for Vancouver's 2010 Winter Games


Organizers of the Poverty Olympics are seeking an official role in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Poverty Olympics include special games designed to highlight the failure of host governments to meet bid commitments on housing and homelessness.

"When people visit Vancouver in 2010, they will be treated to eye-popping scenery, efficient services, and relaxed and friendly residents," says Wendy Pedersen of Carnegie Community Action Project. "But they'l also be treated to a city that could have more homeless people than athletes competing in the 2010 Games."

"We want the world to know that Vancouver and BC have world class levels of poverty and homelessness," says Jean Swanson of the Raise the Rates Coalition. "More than 2,000 people in our city are homeless today. Many are so poor they have to search through the garbage for food and things to sell."

Poverty Olympics organizers want the IOC to press governments (municipal, provincial and federal) that backed the 2010 bid to make good on their sustainability commitments. These commitments included promises to build affordable housing and ensure no one is displaced or made homeless as a result of the Games. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, January 30 @ 13:04:20 EST (627 reads)
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 Travel News: Tracking Santa with NORAD 2007

by Blue1Moon

Someone in the house want to check out Santa as he makes his rounds?

Did you know that NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa?

Santa Cams
Jet Fighter Aircraft

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, December 24 @ 09:04:48 EST (838 reads)
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 Travel News: Dispatches From the Other America – Parts IV & V

SpiritualityBy Charles E. Anderson
t r u t h o u t | Guest Contributor

Part IV: In the Business of Hope

As the sun rises over New Orleans, the unmistakable "crack" of hammers breaks the silence of the Louisiana morning. Thousands of general contractors and volunteers go to work restoring homes, not only in the 9th Ward, but throughout the city as well. New Orleans was damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but it was decimated by 17 levee breaches. The resulting floods rendered over 200,000 homes uninhabitable and destroyed thousands of businesses. The unparalleled destruction has created a need for all manner of construction contractors, social workers, health care providers and a variety of specialists from nearly all fields of work. Yet, the damaged city cannot support the need. Undoubtedly, New Orleans would look very different today were it not for the diligent work of the many nonprofit organizations and thousands of volunteers providing assistance for hundreds of thousands of New Orleanians. There are many organizations working in New Orleans: Habitat for Humanity, Plenty International, Common Ground Collective and Emergency Communities, to name a few. However, New Orleans is a city with a proud tradition of faith, and it seems most fitting to profile a faith-based organization. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, August 14 @ 13:40:08 EDT (815 reads)
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