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 War News: Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification:

Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare

By Rady Ananda

Developed in 1988 by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just published its Fifth Assessment Report [1] and maintains its silence on military weather modification applications which continue to skew the data.

“Extreme weather and climate events” are linked to climate change while no mention is made of government programs deliberately aimed at modifying the weather and inducing earthquakes, drought, rain, and tsunamis.

The modern weather modification program, at least in the US, is over 70 years old. Public service announcements printed in newspapers back in the 1960s warned of government intention to modify the weather.

Life Magazine, back in the 50s and 60s, continually covered US weather modification programs, including Project Stormfury which redirected and reduced hurricane intensity from 1962 to 1983. The IPCC’s continuing and absolute silence on such programs is deafening. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, November 05 @ 20:11:18 EST (2211 reads)
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 War News: Targeted Killings

Press Release
The CIA and the military are carrying out an illegal “targeted killing” program in which people far from any battlefield are determined to be enemies of the state and killed without charge or trial. The executive branch has, in effect, claimed the unchecked authority to put the names of citizens and others on “kill lists” on the basis of a secret determination, based on secret evidence, that a person meets a secret definition of the enemy.

From: aclu.org

The targeted killing program operates with virtually no oversight outside the executive branch, and essential details about the program remain secret, including what criteria are used to put people on CIA and military kill lists or how much evidence is required.

Outside of armed conflict zones, the Constitution and international law prohibit the use of lethal force unless it is a last resort against a concrete, specific and imminent threat of grave harm. Even in the context of an armed conflict against an armed group, the government may use lethal force only against individuals who are directly participating in hostilities against the United States. Regardless of the context, whenever the government uses lethal force, it must take all possible steps to avoid harming civilian bystanders. These are not the standards that the executive branch is using. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, October 07 @ 20:13:45 EDT (2299 reads)
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 War News: Et Tu, Buddhist?

In every war, both sides claim that God's on their side.

By Donald Kaul

Throughout the centuries people have killed each other in vast numbers for the very best of reasons — religion.

Oh they’ve done it for other reasons too — money, politics, geography, skin color, revolution — but never with more enthusiasm than when the cause was holy.

From the early Christian martyrs to the Crusades to the bloody wars of the Protestant Reformation to the genocides of the two World Wars and the Hindu-Muslim conflicts, right up to the present time, when Muslims slaughter Muslims because they differ on the legitimate successor to the Prophet Muhammad, religion and war have commingled.

It never ends. The 9/11 bombers claimed to be committing a religious act when they murdered thousands of strangers, and hardly a day goes by without a report of yet another suicide bombing that adds to the carnage.

In Egypt, the military government has recently gunned down more than 800 protesters for the sin of supporting the ousted Muslim Brotherhood government.

Meanwhile, the killings go on unabated in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, August 21 @ 21:35:31 EDT (2346 reads)
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 War News: The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Un-Censored Version

History / CultureBy Dr. Gary G. Kohls

68 years ago, at 11:02 am on August 9th, 1945, an all-Christian bomber crew dropped a plutonium bomb, on Nagasaki, Japan. That bomb was the second and last atomic weapon that had as its target a civilian city. Somewhat ironically, as will be elaborated upon later in this essay, Nagasaki was the most Christian city in Japan and ground zero was the largest cathedral in the Orient.

These baptized and confirmed airmen did their job efficiently, and they accomplished the mission with military pride. There was no way that the crew could not have known that what they were participating in met the definition of an international war crime (according to the Nuremberg Principles that were very soon to be used to justify the execution of many German Nazis).

It had been only 3 days since the August 6th bomb, a uranium bomb, had decimated Hiroshima. The Nagasaki bomb was dropped amidst considerable chaos and confusion in Tokyo, where the fascist military government had been searching for months for a way to honorably end the war. The only obstacle to surrender had been the Roosevelt/Truman administration’s insistence on unconditional surrender, which meant that the Emperor Hirohito, whom the Japanese regarded as a deity, would be removed from his figurehead position in Japan – an intolerable demand for the Japanese that prolonged the war and kept Japan from surrendering months earlier. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, August 09 @ 20:31:54 EDT (3733 reads)
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 War News: Pacifist Terms Obama "Force For Destruction"

InterviewsBy Sherwood Ross

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. --- Overall, President Obama has been “a force for destruction” who has “advanced inequality, wealth concentration, deportations, imprisonments, and the de-funding of basic services in order to fund banks, billionaires, and bombers,” distinguished peace activist David Swanson says.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Swanson, a former staff aide to Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaigns, said Obama has done nothing to better the lot of the nation’s poor, including Americans in the ghettos, apart from reducing “the disparity in crack-powder cocaine sentencing.”

Noting that Obama has attempted to identify himself with the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Swanson was asked if he saw any resemblance. His reply was “Two eyes and two ears and two feet and in Obama’s case two mouths. He got a Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything for peace,” Swanson said. “So did King, and King followed through and retroactively earned it. Perhaps that led to the ludicrous bestowing of the prize on Obama, who proceeded to give a pro-war acceptance speech in which he insultingly and arrogantly denounced King’s approach to world change.”

Asked if either Obama or his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might carry out their threat to make a nuclear attack on Iran, Swanson said, “I think they are willing to and would find joy in it. Watch the video of Clinton laughing over the killing of (Libya’s ruler Muammar} Gaddafi. Watch the video of her talking about ‘obliterating’ Iran. She takes obvious pleasure in such talk, as does Obama. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, June 04 @ 20:19:13 EDT (1861 reads)
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 War News: DC Appeals Court Rejects CIA's Secrecy Claims

The News
In ACLU's Targeted Killing FOIA Lawsuit

Court Rules that CIA Cannot Deny "Interest" in Drone Program

From: aclu.org

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court ruled today that the Central Intelligence Agency cannot deny its "intelligence interest" in the targeted killing program and refuse to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests about the program while officials continue to make public statements about it.

"This is an important victory. It requires the government to retire the absurd claim that the CIA's interest in the targeted killing program is a secret, and it will make it more difficult for the government to deflect questions about the program's scope and legal basis," said ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer, who argued the case before a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Appeals Court in September. "It also means that the CIA will have to explain what records it is withholding, and on what grounds it is withholding them." ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, March 15 @ 19:56:34 EDT (947 reads)
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 War News: Our Endless State of War

As long as it's fought by other people on someone else's soil, Americans can live with perpetual conflict.

By William A. Collins

When will wartime
Ever end?
Always seems
Around the bend.

Combat's different today than when your grandfather earned his medals. Armies no longer advance and retreat along battle lines. Tanks no longer maneuver. Fleets don't engage. We're past all that.

The United States already dominates most parts of the world that don't belong to other major nations. Domination, however, doesn't mean we're in full control. And many citizens of those places insist on misbehaving.

This misbehavior takes various forms: shooting at our soldiers, burning our property, attacking our surrogates, and other hostile acts. Washington responds to these disturbances with our troops, drones, mercenaries, and Special Forces. And we keep building still more military bases, because having 1,000 of them overseas is apparently not enough. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, November 26 @ 19:52:45 EST (1015 reads)
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 War News: Fall 1941: Pearl Harbor and The Wars of Corporate America

History / CultureBy Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels, Global Research

Myth: The US was forced to declare war on Japan after a totally unexpected Japanese attack on the American naval base in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. On account of Japan’s alliance with Nazi Germany, this aggression automatically brought the US into the war against Germany.

Reality: The Roosevelt administration had been eager for some time to wage war against Japan and sought to unleash such a war by means of the institution of an oil embargo and other provocations. Having deciphered Japanese codes, Washington knew a Japanese fleet was on its way to Pearl Harbor, but welcomed the attack since a Japanese aggression would make it possible to “sell” the war to the overwhelmingly anti-war American public.

An attack by Japan, as opposed to an American attack on Japan, was also supposed to avoid a declaration of war by Japan’s ally, Germany, which was treaty-bound to help only if Japan was attacked. However, for reasons which have nothing to do with Japan or the US but everything with the failure of Germany’s “lightning war” against the Soviet Union, Hitler himself declared war on the US a few days after Pearl Harbor, on December 11, 1941. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, October 30 @ 20:18:53 EDT (927 reads)
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 War News: Silence of the Drones

PeaceBy Ray McGovern

Several friends of mine are among the 35 American activists assembling in Pakistan in recent days in an effort to seek ground truth on the impact of U.S. drone strikes on civilians there. I will be holding them and their Pakistani hosts and co-travelers in the Light, as my Quaker friends like to say, and will now try to do my part in what follows to put this dangerous journey in perspective.

The American group, organized by Code Pink Women for Peace, is meeting this week with a wide swath of Pakistanis, including representatives of the various political parties. Today, former U.S. diplomat and Army Col. Ann Wright was scheduled to address the Institute of Strategic Studies, Pakistan’s largest think tank, which advises the Foreign Office.

Similar events are scheduled in Islamabad until the weekend, when hundreds of Pakistanis will join the Americans in a caravan of cars and vans on the six-hour drive from Islamabad to Waziristan in the northwest, where the drones do most of their killing and maiming.

As I said good-bye to two of my friends late last week, their backpacks seemed extraordinarily heavy. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, October 01 @ 21:06:40 EDT (603 reads)
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 War News: 2,000+ Dead, Suicides Skyrocketing –These are Not Just Numbers!

Action AlertFrom: United For Peace and Justice, unitedforpeace.org

Marine Cpl. Taylor J. Baune, of Andover, MN died June 13, 2012. Taylor represents the 2,000 U.S. military fatality in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Taylor Buane, 21, is much more than a number. He is the husband of his high school sweetheart Colleen Buane, 20. They were married three short months before his death. He was on his first tour of duty and his enlistment was up at the end of year. Those who loved Taylor will never again be the same.

Remember too, in the first 155 days of 2012, 154 active duty U.S. troops took their own lives - an increase of 18% over 2011 – the highest rate since 9/11.

Unfortunately the tragic milestone of 2,000 dead and the skyrocketing suicide rate have gone relatively unnoticed by just about everyone. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, June 28 @ 22:26:14 EDT (1417 reads)
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 War News: The State of the Military-Industrial Complex Is Strong

Business NewsIf weapons orders get diverted, so do campaign contributions.

By William A. Collins

War may dwindle,
Peace may grow;
But weapons makers
Never slow.

What can you do with a bunch of used generals? If you keep them active, they need new assignments. These can be expensive. But if you let them retire with fat pensions, they'll go to work for arms producers, lobbying for more weapons and more wars. Either way citizens pay through the nose.

Congress is even more costly. Seemingly sensible lawmakers turn to Jell-O when weapons contracts are at stake. In my tiny state of Connecticut, we happen to make nuclear submarines, the blunderbusses of modern warfare. Their main job seems to be running onto reefs and colliding with fishing boats. We have too many now, but we can't stop making them because jobs and profits (and elections) will be lost. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, May 24 @ 23:00:25 EDT (633 reads)
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 War News: House Fails To Pass Amendment Scaling Back NDAA

PoliticsIndefinite Detention Provisions

From: American Civil LibertiesUnion, aclu.org

WASHINGTON – An amendment that would have explicitly banned indefinite detention in the United States and repealed a controversial section of last year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was voted down by the House of Representatives today. The final vote was 182-237.

Today’s amendment, introduced by lead sponsors Reps. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and Justin Amash (R-Mich.), was offered on this year’s NDAA. It was supported by a broad coalition of groups, which ranged from the ACLU to the Gun Owners of America to the United Methodist Church.

The vote for the Smith-Amash amendment was bipartisan, with 19 Republican members backing the amendment. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, May 18 @ 21:39:24 EDT (542 reads)
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 War News: Washington's Strange Nuclear Bedfellows

The United States, as the world's undisputed nuclear weapons superpower, should finally ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

By Michael McCarthy

Indonesia ratified the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) late last year. As the most recent nation to pledge to halt nuclear weapons testing and agree to global monitoring to ensure compliance with that promise, it brought the total number of signatories to 157.

Almost all the world's governments have agreed to take this first solid step towards eliminating the terrible threat of nuclear warfare. If you don't test these weapons, they're much more difficult to develop, build, and rely on.

As Washington threatens to go to war to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, you'd think we'd be card-carrying members of the CTBT club, along with Israel. Not so.

Although the United Nations approved the treaty more than 15 years ago, our own government hasn't signed on yet. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, March 30 @ 21:55:22 EDT (758 reads)
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 War News: Greening the Pentagon

If we want to build up a green manufacturing economy, we should directly invest in it, not plow more money into military spending.

By Mike Prokosch

The U.S. military is going green. Don't take it from me. "[T]he Department of Defense…the world's largest consumer of energy, will make one of the largest commitments to clean energy in history," President Barack Obama declared in this year's State of theUnion address.

This is welcome news. Oil powers everything from carrier-based aircraft to remote bases in Afghanistan. Since our military is the world's biggest fossil fuel guzzler, anything that curbs its insatiable appetite for oil will slow the deadly warming of our planet and save lives in more ways than one.

It's also good news for the green tech industry. Aside from Tang, the Internet, and a handful of other examples, military research rarely spins off new civilian technologies. But renewable energy is likely to prove a big exception. The Pentagon wants to make its remote Afghan outposts energy-independent so it can stop trucking oil through hundreds of miles of hostile territory. The Defense Department's research dollars and bulk purchases of photovoltaic panels and lightweight solar-storage batteries could cheapen the building blocks of a civilian clean energy economy. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, March 28 @ 22:00:37 EDT (785 reads)
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 War News: Take the Iran Pledge of Resistance

Action Alert
On the anniversary of Shock and Awe in Iraq, it's time to stop the next war now

From: United For Peace and Justice, unitedforpeace.org

The Iran Pledge of Resistance (IPOR) is a UFPJ initiated coordinated grassroots campaign to build an emergency response network capable of preempting any escalated U.S. intervention in Iran or the Middle East.

Over the past few months there has been escalating talk about the possibility of a U.S. war with Iran. Israel, the U.S.’s closest ally in the region, is threatening attacks which could pull us into war. President Obama and the Republican presidential candidates are saying that “all options are on the table” to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This is despite the fact that top U.S. intelligence officials have made consistent statements that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program nor is there proof they intend to establish one.

Let’s stop this war before it starts.

On Feb 15, 2003 millions of people marched against war in Iraq. What if millions of us again join together to say no to war, but this time organize a mass horizontal direct action network? ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, March 20 @ 19:13:20 EDT (598 reads)
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