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“If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers we call him crazy. If a woman has a trailer house full of cats we call her nuts. But when people pathologically hoard so much cash that they impoverish the entire nation, we put them on the cover of Fortune magazine and pretend that they are role models.”
-– B. Lester

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 Occupy: Yes! Bombing a country is WAR!

War Newsby Sherlyn Meinz

Play what word games you wish, bombing a country is still war!

Bombing people is NOT helping them! Name one person you know who would appreciate the "help" of being bombed?

War and Bombs do not bring Help, Peace, Democracy, Freedom, let alone the "pursuit of happiness."

War and Bombs bring nothing but destruction, that is their point! It is not "help" to bomb hospitals, schools, museums, places of worship, fuel and power supplies. The media and government are not fooling us anymore! There is no evidence, in fact, what evidence there supposedly is, points to the rebels that we, of course, are supporting. The U.S. wants Syria, they want control of the world.

It doesn't matter how clear, "we" the people are, war makes money for the .01% and so we will have it, again and again and again, as we repeatedly arm our once and future enemies! Hey, it makes the bomb makers very happy and very rich. If we have no wars, we search for enemies. We declare war on everything - on drugs, on poverty, on anything we can think of. Enough! ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Sunday, September 08 @ 23:15:20 EDT (2034 reads)
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 Occupy: UC Davis Students Reach $1 Million Settlement Over Pepper-Spraying

The NewsAmerican Civil Liberties Union, aclu.org

University Will Formally Apologize and Implement Reforms

Today [9/26/12] attorneys for 21 UC Davis students and recent alumni announced the details of their settlement of the federal class-action lawsuit against UC Davis over the shocking incident in which campus police repeatedly doused seated, non-violent student demonstrators with military grade pepper spray at close range. The lawsuit charged that the police violated state and federal constitutional protections, including the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, when they arrested and used excessive force against these non-violent demonstrators. The UC Regents approved the settlement in a September 13 meeting, and the settlement documents were filed with the court today. A federal court judge must approve the settlement before it is finalized.

“I want to make sure that nothing like this happens again. That’s the best thing that could come from this. Since November 18 students have been afraid of the police. The University still needs to work to rebuild students’ trust and this settlement is a step in the right direction,” said Fatima Sbeih, who just graduated with an International Studies degree. Sbeih was pepper-sprayed on the quad. She had panic attacks and frequent nightmares for months after the incident, and often woke up screaming.

“I want the University and the police to understand what they did wrong. Police should be accountable to students,” said Ian Lee, who will be a sophomore this year. Lee was less than two months into college when he was pepper-sprayed last year. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, September 26 @ 20:15:36 EDT (665 reads)
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 Occupy: Who's afraid of the Occupy Movement?...

The News

Clearly, the Plutocracy is.

From: October2011.org/OccupyWashington,DC

Why else would every corporate media outlet from one coast to the other publish “1 year on, Occupy is in disarray, spirit lives on” on the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street? And why else would the Obama administration request an ‘Emergency Appeal’ of Judge Katharine Forrest’s permanent injunction last week of the section of the National Defense Authorization Act that permits indefinite detention?

The United States is awake and the movement to end corporate control of government and end the resultant wealth divide is alive and well. From the Chicago TeachersUnion strike to the recent actions to stop Monsanto and the Tar Sands Pipeline to the activities celebrating the birthday of OWS, the people of this nation are rising up and it is beautiful. And the Occupy Movement is there either leading the way or supporting from behind. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, September 20 @ 19:19:24 EDT (625 reads)
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Press Release

From: occupywallstreet.org

SEPT. 15, 16 AND 17


September 17, 2012 (#S17) marks the beginning of year two of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and four years since Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, helping catapult our global economy into a new phase of disrepair and dragging millions of ordinary people down with it. No complaints from the rich 1% - they’re still rich. They’re insatiable unless we push back. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, August 31 @ 18:57:58 EDT (623 reads)
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 Occupy: Occupy Wall Street Paved the Way

When will the really huge crowds come out to the streets?

By William A. Collins

Don't hear our woes;
They attend,
To cars and clothes.

The Occupy movement seems somewhat subdued these days. That's largely because the 1 percent is ready for them. Consider how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepared for the May NATO conference in the Windy City, which drew countless Occupy protesters: He outfitted his troops with new laws, new military equipment, and new surveillance gear — and authorized them to make old-fashioned trumped-up arrests.

And while Occupy Wall Street and other branches of this new movement have brought attention to our nation's rampant inequality, where do you go next to address the concentration of extreme wealth in the hands of too few individuals? It's shattered both our economy and our democracy. But there's no congressional committee in charge of that. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, August 14 @ 19:37:50 EDT (969 reads)
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 Occupy: The Next Big Oil Pipeline Isn't Happening in Vermont - Yet!

International Conference, International Protest, FBI Visitations

By William Boardman [email protected]

If you’re an oil company trying to get dirty tar sands oil from central Canada to a tanker port on the Maine Coast, why not just reverse the flow of a 71-year old pipeline that already carries crude oil from South Portland, Maine, to Montreal, passing through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec, on the way?

One reason would be the Canadian court decision last February that denied permission for pipeline owners to build a pumping station in an agricultural zone in Dunham, Quebec, near the Vermont border.

Another reason not to proceed would be that Enbridge, Inc., owner of a pipeline from the central Canadian tar sands to Montreal, has recently suspended development of that pipeline for hotter, more corrosive tar sands oil. But the company continues to seek the permits to make its so-called “Trailbreaker Project” possible under better economic conditions.

A third reason to move toward an alternative fuel would be the growing popular opposition in the region – especially in Vermont and Maine where opponents have a facebook page called “Occupy The Portland Montreal Pipe Line Route.” http://www.facebook.com/OccupyThePortlandMontrealPipeLineRoute

Pipeline protestors will be only one of many groups gathering in Burlington, Vermont this weekend to try to make their voices heard at the 36th annual Conference of New England Governors, which includes six American governors, five Canadian premiers, and an ambassador from each country, a group that traditionally conducts public business in private, but holds a press conference afterwards. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, July 28 @ 19:59:43 EDT (1307 reads)
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 Occupy: Legal Experts File Complaints about Widespread Rights Violations

Politics in Policing of ‘Occupy’ Movement

Call on NYC, U.S. Justice Department, UN to Protect Protestors’ Rights

From: occupywallstreet.org

(New York, NY, July 25, 2012) – The City of New York must take immediate action to correct the clear pattern of abusive policing of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, said legal experts in a complaint filed today with New York City authorities, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the United Nations. The complaint is based on a report providing in-depth documentation and legal analysis of widespread human rights violations in New York City’s treatment of Occupy protests over the past ten months.

The 132-page report—Suppressing Protest: Human Rights Violations in the U.S. Response to Occupy Wall Street—is the first in a series by the Protest and Assembly Rights Project, a national consortium of law school clinics addressing the United States response to Occupy Wall Street. The report is available at: http://www.chrgj.org/projects/suppressingprotest.pdf

“Recently, officers repeatedly yanked the broken collarbone of a protester as he begged them to stop hurting him. And just two weeks ago, a phalanx of officers removed a grandmother from a park for the ‘crime’ of knitting in a folding chair, arrested a man trying to help her leave, and then arrested another man filming the incident,” said NYU Law School Professor Sarah Knuckey, one of the report’s principal authors, who also witnessed these incidents. “These are just two of hundreds of examples we document in our report, demonstrating a pattern of abusive and unaccountable protest policing by the NYPD.” ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, July 26 @ 12:12:48 EDT (1712 reads)
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 Occupy: News from the National Gathering and more!

The News
From: October2011.org/OccupyWashington,DC

Because a sustainable future depends on the people willing to see the truth for what it is, and for those to stand up in unison in order to make a difference.
— Jake Edward Keli'i Eakin

We recently returned from the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia and we have a lot to share with you.

The energy at the #NatGat was tremendous. The gathering was a huge success due to the quality of the event. Hundreds of people came from all across the country to share information, ideas and creativity.

The police presence in Philadelphia was high, with multiple law enforcement branches and their dogs stationed near the camp area and parks. Mayor Nutter ordered the fire department not to share water with the occupation despite their previous agreement to do so. But the Occupiers let nothing stop them. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, July 09 @ 19:36:52 EDT (1231 reads)
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 Occupy: NY Court Denies Twitter Motion to Quash Occupy Protester Subpoena

From: American Civil LibertiesUnion, aclu.org

NEW YORK – A New York criminal court judge today denied Twitter’s motion to quash a court order requiring it to produce information about one of its users, an Occupy Wall Street protester.

The District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan had issued a subpoena for the Twitter records in connection with the prosecution of the protester, Malcolm Harris. The ACLU filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Twitter’s efforts to protect the constitutional rights of Harris.

Aden Fine, staff attorney with the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, found the ruling disappointing. “What is surprising is that the court continued to fail to grapple with one of the key issues underlying this case: do individuals give up their ability to go to court to try to protect their free speech and privacy rights when they use the Internet? As we explained in our brief, the answer has to be no. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, July 02 @ 17:42:08 EDT (1395 reads)
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 Occupy: NYC rally to demand PNC Bank let Minneapolis family return home

The News
Foreclosed Cruz family travels to PNC Headquarters demanding justice; Rallies planned in 15+ cities

From: occupywallst.org

Activists with OWS and other NY housing advocates will plan to rally in support of a Minneapolis family who are fighting an unjust foreclosure have been battling against an unjust foreclosure by PNC Bank. Siblings Alejandra and David Cruz, along with supporters from Occupy Homes MN, will take their case to PNC bank headquarters in Pittsburgh this week. Supporters will rally in more than fifteen cities nationwide to demand that PNC live up to their word and work with the Cruz family.

THURSDAY 6/21, Multi-City Day of Action Against PNC Bank: As the Cruz family arrives at the PNC bank headquarters in Pittsburgh supporters will rally across the country New York, 1pm ET, vibrant rally at PNC Bank branch, 340 Madison Avenue between 43rd and 44th streets

Pittsburgh, 1pm ET, the Cruz family delegation and local supporters will rally and march to PNC Headquarters at Market Square.

Minneapolis, 6pm CT, supporters will demonstrate at the Cruz home (4044 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN)

Rallies in support of the Cruz family are also planned in Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Detroit, Gainesville, Greensboro, Milwaukee, Newark, Philadelphia, St. Louis and others. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, June 20 @ 20:58:14 EDT (561 reads)
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 Occupy: Planting Evidence to Sow Fear: Chicago Cops are the Terrorists

The Newsby: Dave Lindorff

It seems pretty clear by now that the three young “domestic terrorists” arrested by Chicago police in a warrantless house invasion reminiscent of what US military forces are doing on a daily basis in Afghanistan, are the victims of planted evidence -- part of the police-state-style crackdown on anti-NATO protesters in Chicago last week.

The Chicago Police clearly realized that it would be hard to convince a jury that the homemade beer-making equipment in the house was some dreaded bio-terror weapon, so for good measure they apparently dropped off some glass jars with gas in them and tried to make out that the kids were preparing molotov cocktails. That’s the word from National Lawyers Guild attorneys representing the men. They say their clients and others like them coming into Chicago from out of town to join in protests against the NATO summit were “befriended” by police informants and undercover Chicago Police, who then offered to obtain gasoline or explosive materials like toy rocket motors, and who proposed actions like firebombing police stations.

This kind of entrapment and official deceit by police should alarm every American. It’s bad enough when police plant evidence and lie about evidence in order to win convictions, since it means innocent people will be sent to prison or worse. But with the new post 9-11 terrorism laws, like the state terrorism statutes in Illinois being applied in these cases, it becomes far more difficult for a victim of such police and prosecutorial misconduct to challenge the case against her or him. In terror cases, the government can claim “national security” to hide the evidence and even the identity of the witnesses from the defendants and the courts, the jury and the public, and can avoid ever being questioned about it publicly. In a worst case, the federal government doesn’t even need to bring the case to trial. If the victim is accused of being a terrorist, under the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and various executive orders, that person can be locked away indefinitely without trial -- exactly the kind of abuse that led American colonists to rise up against their British colonial overlords 237 years ago. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, May 23 @ 20:42:24 EDT (514 reads)
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 Occupy: May Day and the Ass Bomber of Ray Kelly's Dreams

The Newsby: Charles M. Young

I got home at 10:00 pm on the nose, and the first thing I did was take off my shoes after 14 hours of May Day marching with 30-40,000 other conscientious objectors to capitalism. My feet hurt, okay? My second priority was turning on the local news, which happened to be Fox Five New York. According to my watch, it was 10:02. I didn’t see the first few seconds of the story, but it must have have been the lead. There was Ray Kelly, the chief of police, talking about...not Occupy Wall Street?...no, it was a video of him on some talk show, warning of the apparently imminent threat of Arab terrorists “implanting” bombs in their bodies and blowing up airplanes and buildings.

The reporter, whose name I didn’t catch, showed a mug shot of a sullen swarthy Arab terrorist who had confessed to “helping” his brother implant such a bomb. The reporter then interviewed a “security expert,” whose name I also didn’t catch. As I say, my feet hurt and I wasn’t paying full attention. The security expert speculated that the most you could fit into a man’s “cavity” would be a one pound bomb, and such a weapon probably couldn’t bring down an airplane. A woman, he said, could at most fit a one-pound bomb in one cavity and a two-pound bomb in her other cavity.

The reporter wanted to know what would happen if a large number of Arab terrorists implanted many such bombs on their bodies. The security expert said that many such bombs inside many such Arab terrorists, probably looking even more sullen and swarthy than usual, would increase the likelihood that our x-ray machines and first-rate Homeland Security personnel would detect them before they could blow up the airplane.

The next story was about some Republican heavyweight endorsing Romney. Maybe it was Giuliani, the great hero of 9/11. His name came up, I remember that. To reiterate: my feet were still hurting. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, May 02 @ 20:48:49 EDT (500 reads)
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 Occupy: May Day, Over 100 Cities to Disrupt 1%

HolidaysPress Release From: OccupyWallSt.org

**MayDay MayDay MayDay**

Tuesday, May 1st, will be a nationwide emergency outcry in over 100 cities about economic conditions in the US. This is another important step in the growth of the populist resistance movement in the world’s lone superpower. On May Day, the Occupy Movement, the Immigrant Rights Movement, the Labor Movement, and the Student Movement across the country will march and organize in solidarity for economic justice.

We are the 99%.

1% of the population is controlling vast economic resources while many millions of people are struggling to survive. We will continue to draw attention to the major institutions which corrupt our society and cripple our livelihoods.

Four years after the financial crisis, not a single of the Too Big to Fail banks is smaller -- in fact, they all continue to grow in size and risk. Not to mention they are now immune from prosecution for foreclosure fraud. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, April 26 @ 20:11:31 EDT (2072 reads)
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Press Release From: OccupyWallSt.org

Demonstrations and creative protests are set for campuses and communities around the country on April 25th to mark One Trillion Dollar Day (1TDay), the day U.S. student debt reaches $1Trillion. These coordinated actions will draw attention to Wall Street’s predatory student loan market, as well as the corrupt lending practices at educational institutions. 1TDay will spotlight the long-term financial and social effects of students and families with insurmountable student debt.

Solidarity actions are planned for at least a dozen cities, from Sallie Mae National Headquarters in Newark, Delaware and all of its regional offices. Demonstrators will engage in coordinated non-violent civil disobedience. Some actions include burning loan cards. Actions in NYC with Occupy Wall Street and a coalition of student and community groups, will include mock celebrations with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, the Plus Brigades and Billionaires for Debt.

IN NYC: April 25th at 4pm in UnionSquare, south steps

NATIONWIDE: For the list of cities and campuses rallying, visit 1tday.org

Follow on Twitter @1Tday and #1TDay ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, April 24 @ 21:42:20 EDT (470 reads)
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 Occupy: May Day

HolidaysFrom: Norman Emmons

To the editor,

The first of May for centuries was the celebration of spring. In the 1880's, after the Haymarket affair in 1886, in Chicago, in which several innocent men who were organizing the 8- hour work day, and the right of workers to organize, were sent to the gallows, the beginning of May also became an international workers day.

This was established in Paris on July 14, 1889, along with a U.S. delegate, when the International Labor Congress was asked to adapt May 1st as International Labor day , all over the world, in part to memorialize the Haymarket martyrs. This day is now recognized everywhere except in the USA and English speaking Canada. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, April 21 @ 20:18:28 EDT (829 reads)
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