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 Alien News: Are you a Martian?

ScienceBy David L. Chandler, MIT News Office

We all could be, scientists say — and an MIT-developed instrument might someday provide the proof Are we all Martians? According to many planetary scientists, it's conceivable that all life on Earth is descended from organisms that originated on Mars and were carried here aboard meteorites. If that's the case, an instrument being developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard could provide the clinching evidence.

In order to detect signs of past or present life on Mars — if it is in fact true that we're related — then a promising strategy would be to search for DNA or RNA, and specifically for particular sequences of these molecules that are nearly universal in all forms of terrestrial life. That's the strategy being pursued by MIT research scientist Christopher Carr and postdoctoral associate Clarissa Lui, working with Maria Zuber, head of MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), and Gary Ruvkun, a molecular biologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, who came up with the instrument concept and put together the initial team. Lui presented a summary of their proposed instrument, called the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes (SETG), at the IEEE Aerospace Conference this month in Big Sky, Mont. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, March 25 @ 21:24:20 EDT (1322 reads)
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 Alien News: Russian High-Ranking Official Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

Unusual NewsFrom: Komsomolskaya Pravda

The West was shocked by the statement from a high-ranking Russian politician, which he released on Russian Channel One, the country’s main TV channel.

On April 26, 2010, Channel One host Vladimir Pozner asked Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of the Kalmykia Republic, the following question:

“I’ve never met a person who would claim he was on an interplanetary alien aircraft. Has it really happened?“

“Seriously, it has happened,” the Kalmykia leader answered and told his outstanding story about his only encounter with extraterrestrials in his Moscow apartment.

“Was it the only encounter?” Pozner clarified.

“Yes, the only one,” Ilyumzhinov confirmed.

The aliens turned up in his Moscow apartment on Sept 18, 1997. He said as he was falling asleep he heard someone calling from the balcony. When he got up to check, he saw a "semi-transparent half-tube". He said he entered the tube and came across human-like aliens attired in yellow space suits. The Kalmyk leader took a flight with them on their alien spaceship. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, May 29 @ 08:29:13 EDT (906 reads)
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 Alien News: The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash: Roswell Incident of the SovietUnion

Unusual Newsfrom Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill’s book,
‘UFO Case Files Of Russia’

This internationally famous UFO incident took place in 1986, on January 29, at 7:55 p.m. Some have called it the Roswell Incident of the SovietUnion. The information concerning this incident was sent to us by a number of Russian ufologists.

Dalnegorsk is a small mining town in the Far East of Russia. That cold January day a reddish sphere flew into this town from the southeastern direction, crossed part of Dalnegorsk, and crashed at the Izvestkovaya Mountain (also known as Height or Hill 611, because of its size). The object flew noiselessly, and parallel to the ground; it was approximately three meters in diameter, of a near-perfect round shape, with no projections or cavities, its colour similar to that of burning stainless steel. One eyewitness, V. Kandakov, said that the speed of the UFO was close to 15 meters per hour. The object slowly ascended and descended, and its glow would heat up every time it rose up. On its approach to Hill 611 the object "jerked", and fell down like a rock.

All witnesses reported that the object “jerked” or “jumped”. Most of them recall two “jumps”. Two girls remember that the object actually “jumped” four times. The witnesses heard a weak, muted thump. It burned intensively at the cliff's edge for an hour. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, February 08 @ 18:14:12 EST (1071 reads)
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 Alien News: UFO Phenomenon was Strictly Tabooed in USSR

The world celebrates the International UFO Day on July 2. Oleg Stolyarov became the first person in Russia who chose the UFO subject for his doctoral dissertation.

The world’s first-ever scientific work dedicated to strange objects in the sky was penned by Carl Yung, a renowned Swiss psychologist. He equated the phenomenon of the UFO with Maya myths and the symbols of unconscious collective. He returned to the subject in 50 years in his article “UFOs as Rumors.”

US professor Joseph Allen Hynek founded the Center for UFO Studies in 1974. Several other scientists dedicated their works to the mysterious phenomenon afterwards, but no one dared to do it in the Soviet Union.

“That was a tabooed subject in the USSR. Any piece of information about the flying saucers was treasured. Any public jokes about the UFO were strictly forbidden,” Mr. Stolyarov said. The situation changed drastically in the beginning of the 1980s. Everyone in the country started speaking about the phenomenon. Newspaper articles, TV and radio programs about the UFO became plentiful. Many respectable scientists even lost their interest in the mystery because of the national boom.

The UFO Day is celebrated on July 2 in honor of the so-called Roswell incident. An unidentified aircraft, which many consider to be of extraterrestrial origin, crashed on the outskirts of Roswell on July 2, 1947. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, July 02 @ 21:03:24 EDT (888 reads)
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 Alien News: Rensselaer Opens Center Dedicated to the Search for Life in the Universe

NASA awards $7.5 million grant to create the New York Center for Astrobiology

News Release: RPI.edu

E.T. may have “phoned home” back in 1982, but in the world outside of popular cinema the hunt for extraterrestrial life continues. Today, with a $7.5 million grant from NASA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute extends the search with the opening of the New York Center for Astrobiology, which will be part of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI).

With such developments as the recent detection of snow in the Martian atmosphere by the NASA Mars Phoenix Lander, scientists are advancing toward evidence of conditions for life in space. And as NASA continues to build its search for life, it has also begun to build its partnerships under the NAI. The NAI is a “virtual” institute of universities that combine their knowledge and expertise to advance our understanding of the origin and distribution of life in the universe. . It is headquartered at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.

Based within the School of Science at Rensselaer, the New York Center for Astrobiology is devoted to investigating the origins of life on Earth and the conditions that lead to the formation of habitable planets in our own and other solar systems. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, November 24 @ 19:00:47 EST (878 reads)
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 Alien News: Extraterrestrials Greatly Interested in Human Sperm & Ovules

Unusual News

The president of the Academy for Applied Ufology, Academician Vladimir Azhazha, is considered to be the founding father of the Russian ufology. He shared his knowledge of aliens with Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, who subsequently confirmed his status as the nation’s chief scientist in ufology. The academician has recently marked his 80th birthday and is currently working on an extensive collection of books (ten volumes) devoted to UFOs.

It goes without saying that the traditional science does not treat ufology seriously. Vladimir Putin once said that he never believed in extraterrestrial beings. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, November 20 @ 19:34:17 EST (1183 reads)
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 Alien News: NASA hides truth about Mars

NASA’s Mars exploration program progresses in leaps and bounds. Last week NASA specialists announced that they had obtained incontestable evidence which proved the presence of water on the red planet. Phoenix Mars Lander exposed samples of hardened Martian soil to thermal treatment and registered the evaporation of water. The Martian water theory finally found its practical proof.

It is not ruled out that NASA experts decided not to unveil the entire truth about the Martian discoveries.

Aviation Week & Space Technology wrote with reference to own anonymous sources at NASA that the agency sent another document to the White House along with the report on the Martian soil analysis. The secret document supposedly says that Phoenix found certain evidence of possible life on the planet.

The classified report does not contain any mentioning of a life form that exists or might have existed on Mars, the weekly magazine wrote. Most likely, it goes about a potential ability of the red planet to maintain the existence of living organisms. It is too early to make such a conclusion about the entire surface of Mars. For the time being, the assumption may be true only with the area, where the rover conducts exploration works. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, August 16 @ 20:00:33 EDT (792 reads)
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 Alien News: Deja Vu, Jamais Vu, False Memory Play Dirty Tricks on Humans


When people complain of their memory, they usually talk about their forgetfulness. However, the human memory can bring another surprise too – non-existent recollections.

Déjà vu is an experience, which gives a person a feeling that he or she has already seen or experienced a new situation (people, places, etc) before. It does not seem to matter much at first sight. However, those, who saw a mystical side to it, could not leave the phenomenon out of their attention. They decided that déjà vu was a memory of the previous life. Intelligent and educated people may often swallow the bait of reincarnation too. Carl Gustav Jung was once struck with a painting depicting a doctor. The shoes, which the doctor was wearing on the painting, seemed very familiar to him. The psychologist eventually concluded that he was wearing those shoes in his previous life, when he was the doctor shown on the painting.

Déjà vu (translates as ‘already seen’ from French) was later classified into deja vecu (‘already lived’), deja senti (‘already felt’) and deja entendu (‘already heard’). It has the antonym too – jamais vu (‘never seen’). The latter may happen to a person when he or she comes home and suddenly realizes that it is a totally unfamiliar place.

Scientists say that déjà vu mainly occurs to people aged 15-17 and 35-40. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, July 25 @ 21:35:24 EDT (1369 reads)
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 Alien News: Mystery of Kecksburg UFO incident lost in NASA archives for good

Unusual News
Leonard David, an observer of one of the largest space exploration websites, space.com, updated his blog with new details about the investigation of a mysterious incident which took place in USA’s Pennsylvania. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has lost the case vs. journalist Leslie Kean about violating the principles of freedom of information.

Leslie Kean had been investigating the mystery of the Kecksburg UFO incident for four years. An unidentified flying object supposedly crashed not far from a small village in Pennsylvania in December 1965. Eyewitnesses of the incident said that they could see a ball of fire in the night sky. Some of them said that the object had performed a controlled landing.

Local newspapers and radio channels reported that military men encircled the area of the incident, conduct the investigation and then left without any explanations. However, rumor has it that spokespeople for local authorities had visited the site of the UFO crash before the military men arrived. They said that the object, which either crashed or landed in Kecksburg, was an acorn-like object the size of a baby car. The body of the object was covered with inscriptions reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

NASA provided packs of documents to Leslie Kean prior to the trial, but the documents had nothing to do with the case. It was obvious, which made Judge Emmet Sullivan agree on that. The judge’s refusal to close the case pushed NASA towards looking for more reliable. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, July 05 @ 21:24:21 EDT (1386 reads)
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 Alien News: Boriska, Boy from Mars, Says All Humans Live Eternally

ParanormalTranslated by Julia Bulygina

A boy named Boris Kipriyanovich, or Boriska, lives in the town of Zhirinovsk of Russia’s Volgograd region. He was born on January 11, 1996. Since he was four he used to visit a well-known anomalous zone, commonly referred to as Medvedetskaya Gryada – a mountain near the town. It seems that the boy needed to visit the zone regularly to fulfill his needs in energy.

Boriska’s parents, nice, educated and hospitable people, are worried about their son’s fascinating talents. They do not know how others will perceive Boriska when he grows up. The say that they would be happy to consult an expert to know how to raise their wunderkind.

Being a doctor, his mother could not help but notice that the baby boy could hold his head already in 15 days after his birth. He uttered the first word ‘baba’ when he was four months old and started to pronounce simple words soon afterwards. At one year and a half he had no difficulties in reading newspaper headlines. At age of two years he started drawing and leaned how to paint six months later. When he turned two, he started going to a local kindergarten. Tutors immediately noticed the unusual boy, his uncommon quickwittedness, language skills and unique memory. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, March 10 @ 20:19:10 EDT (4331 reads)
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 Alien News: Top 5 Reasons for Governments to Keep UFOs in Secret

Unusual NewsPrepared by Alexander Timoshik

Stanton Friedman, a physicist who once worked for such giants as Westinghouse and General Electric, has devoted much of his adult life to ferreting out clues in the UFO controversy.

Pitching his case before more than 600 campus audiences, Friedman concludes that alien aircraft have been around for decades and that governments have tried to keep an airtight lid on them. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, September 10 @ 14:03:10 EDT (2680 reads)
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 Alien News: Mysterious Angel Hair Phenomenon Reported After UFO Sightings

Unusual NewsTranslated by Guerman Grachev

A cobweb-like and jellylike substance which is also slightly radioactive often falls to the ground shortly after UFO sightings. The substance dubbed “angel’s hair” evaporates without a trace several hours after the sighting. The “hair” was reported to either disintegrate or turn into cottony tufts with an offensive smell when held in the hand. American ufologists refer to the material as “angel’s hair”; Italians call it “siliceous cotton”; and the French use the term “the Madonna’s present” to describe semitransparent threads that fall from heavens.

Ufologists first began discussing the phenomenon in 1954. Two men, namely Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci stood on the balcony of a hotel located in St. Mark’s Square of Venice, on October 27, 1954. The men suddenly saw two “shining spindles” flying across the sky. The objects left a fiery white trail as they zipped along. Both objects flew at high speed, one of them at some distance away from the other. Then the objects took a U-turn and flew away in the direction of Florence.

There were reports on an unexpected break in a soccer game played in one of the Florence stadiums on that afternoon. The players, referees and about 10 thousand spectators just stood there gazing at two objects which flew over the stadium. A couple of unidentified objects flew over the city thrice from 14.20 to 1429. A number of strange cobweb-like threads started to drop to the arena once the objects disappeared....

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, June 02 @ 20:49:57 EDT (6434 reads)
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 Alien News: SovietUnion Witnessed Invasion of US-made UFOs in 1980s

Unusual NewsBy Pavel Poluyan

The first “flying saucers” could not cover long distances, and Americans had to use submarines to deliver those saucers to the Soviet shores. The Pentagon was testing the third generation of flying saucers when the SovietUnion just started development of similar mechanisms. A correspondent of Pravda.Ru is going to break the secrecy requirement and publish a story told by a former engineer of an enterprise where UFO components were manufactured.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the USSR witnessed an invasion of unidentified flying objects. Some of the “visits” were particularly curious. In December 1989, policemen in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk came to a scene of actio[n] and witnessed “some dark apparatuses with colored lights” were experimenting on a power line going to a local aluminum plant. Other acquaintances of the man who told the story witnessed objects flying over the Yenisei River and the city of Krasnoyarsk. The man himself saw an UFO earlier, April 26, 1989 in the Ural Region. Where did the strange machines that were obviously made by humans come from?

In news films about the history of aviation one can see a strange device resembling a huge motorized and manned umbrella. This umbrella can twitch up and down, and can even hover in the air for a second when twitching down. Inventor Chance Vought tested the umbrella plane in 1911 in America....

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, March 31 @ 20:00:17 EDT (1821 reads)
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 Alien News: 'Phoenix Lights' UFO returns?

ParanormalBy Steve Hammons

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Calls poured in to police and TV stations last night after many residents of the metropolitan Phoenix region observed a line of four bright lights near the horizon in the western sky at approximately 8 p.m. Arizona time.

Videotape of the lights was taken and broadcast on local TV news programs shortly after the incident occurred. According to news reports, military officials stated the lights were flares being used as targets during Marine Corps and Air Force pilot training operations nearby. Officials said a training exercise was being conducted by the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma at the Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range west of Phoenix. In addition, six Air Force F-16s based at Luke Air Force Base on the west side of metro Phoenix were also participating in training exercises that involved flares, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Military flares were also given as the cause of the recent Arkansas sighting when a retired Air Force colonel and F-16 pilot with 32 years of service reported several unusual lights that he was convinced were not conventional earthly aircraft or objects. How a veteran Air Force officer and pilot could mistake military flares for extraterrestrial phenomena puzzled many who read about that incident and the official explanation...

Note: Photo inside

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, February 08 @ 17:32:43 EST (2385 reads)
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 Alien News: Video of Crashed UFO in Russia Leaks from Secret KGB Files

Unusual News

The documentary featured an extensive summary of the footage, the canisters containing the footage, and expert analysis from the likes of Stanton Friedman. One film expert noted in the documentary that the footage came in an old Soviet canister that had information labeled on it that was consistent with info written directly on the film reel. The numbers on the film's header matched the canisters they came. The header of the film had the crest of the KGB on it and the term for TOP SECRET as shown in the first few seconds of this footage and image to the right. Having real looking alien footage is one thing, but including the original film reel & canisters means you are extremely close to proving 100% authenticity.This is something that has traditionally lacked in other more popular alien videos such as the widely known alien autopsy or the alien interview videos...

Note: Link to video inside!

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, December 26 @ 19:52:50 EST (1798 reads)
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