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-– B. Lester

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 Wierd but True?: Russian Tourists try to Break Florida Law having Sex with Porcupine

Unusual News

Two Russian tourists paid a very high price for breaking the American law which bans sex with porcupines.

Staying in Florida on vacation, two Russians from Saint Petersburg decided to check whether they are able to circumvent such an unusual law or not.

Consequences appeared to be very sad. The poor fellows had to take needles from their genitals and treat inflammation for several months.

Having arrived in the USA, the Russians were given the book about the craziest American laws. For example, in Colombia sex - other than in a missionary position - is forbidden; in Kentucky it is forbidden to bring a lion to a movie theater; in Florida it is strictly forbidden to have sex with porcupines!

As it is known, forbidden fruit is always sweet, especially for Russians. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, May 21 @ 22:23:47 EDT (1129 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: The Life of a Man Depends on a Pair of Socks

Unusual News

Socks play maybe not the most, but a very important role in men’s life. Men’s socks were honored in an episode of Sex and the City TV series, when Carrie Bradshaw presented her philosophic views on this piece of men’s apparel. This seems to be quite surprising because socks may often drive women mad when they see or smell them. Socks may also become the reason of family scandals.

Socks play a very important role in the life of every man. His professional career or romantic achievements may often depend on a pair of socks. A woman may find out a lot about her man if she takes a closer look at his socks.

Needless to say that women, just like men, pay a lot of attention to men’s tastes in clothes. A pair of socks is a very important accessory in men’s clothes, just like ties, watches, sleeve buttons and wallets.

Indeed, a pair of socks can tell a lot about its owner. Rational and practical men mostly choose black socks for black is a universal color that fits everything. Gray or brown socks would be the choice of conservative men who do not welcome changes in their lives. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, February 14 @ 19:11:42 EST (1958 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: People Mysteriously Disappear in Front of Other People’s Eyes

ParanormalTranslated by Julia Bulygina

On the Kenyan Rudolf Lake there is Envaitenet Island, which translates as "no-return" from the language of the local tribe. The island is just several kilometers wide and long. Local people do not live on the island, because they consider it a cursed place.

English explorer Vivian Fush's expedition was working in Kenya in 1935. His two colleagues - Martin Sheflis and Bill Dayson - left for the mysterious island. Fifteen days passed, but the two scientists did not return. Fush sent a rescue team to the island, but they found no trace of their friends - just a deserted aboriginal village. The island looked totally abandoned. They called out a plane to survey the island, but found nothing.

Local residents told Fush that people used to live on the island many years ago; they fished, hunted, traded with their relatives on the mainland. However, the island residents suddenly stopped coming to the mainland at all. Then several men from the waterside village came to the island to see what happened. When they reached the island, they were struck dumb: they saw a deserted village with huts full of various things, and fish was rotting near extinguished fire. Where were people? "Scouts" left the island very quickly, and decided not to try their fate. Nobody except for birds ventured to go there again.

People sometimes disappear in front of other people's eyes. On August 23 1915 near Constantinople military units witnessed apparition and disappearance of an enemy regiment in strange dense clouds. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, March 22 @ 19:38:48 EDT (1666 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Drug Addicts Risk Their Lives Trying Unconventional Drugs

HealthPrepared by Alexander Timoshik

Law enforcement authorities are discovering disturbing new trends amongst drug users in their attempts to get high - including extracting and smoking the poison from toads.

'Toad smoking', a new variation of 'Toad licking', is achieved by extracting poison from the Sonoran Desert toad of the Colorado River. The secretion from the toad contains a powerful hallucinogen called Bufotenine, that can be dried out and later smoked.

While the concept may sound particularly odd, American authorities are taking the trend very seriously - and have made arrests.

One case concerned David S. Theisss, 21, from Kansas City, who was charged in October for three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia - a toad - after authorities went to a northern Kansas City home to investigate a suspected meth lab. Theiss also is accused of possessing mescaline, a controlled substance extracted from a cactus. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, December 11 @ 18:56:41 EST (809 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Wealthy Russians Pay Big Money to put on Prostitutes' Shoes

TravelTranslated by Maria Gousseva

Russian money-bags seem to be rather tired of rowdy parties with caviar and floods of luxurious champagne that they used to organize right in the air on board of airplanes. They no longer like to go to skiing resorts in helicopters. Entertainment that is currently very popular among Russian wealthy may seem strange to some people but be sure they are very expensive indeed. Some well-off and whimsical Russians are ready to pay good money for the chance of turning into a Paris homeless or a Geneva tram conductor just for one day. The exclusive leisure may also include the roles of a waiter, taxi driver or prostitute. Others on the contrary prefer playing with toy soldiers.

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, there are just few things in the world that can make wealthy Russians move. Being sated with their everyday luxury they wish to pay huge money for a one-day role of a vagabond or street musician, or follow the track of Alexander the Great about Afghanistan. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, November 15 @ 12:07:33 EST (1544 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Astronauts May Grow & Eat Bugs During Space Missions in Future

Unusual News
First there was astronaut ice cream. Now insects may become the next food frontier for space cuisine. The Space Agriculture Task Force, affiliated with the Japanese space agency, is looking for ways to feed astronauts on extended missions, like on a stint to Mars. A long stay on the Red Planet would require travelers to grow their own food, but a vegetable- and grain-based diet doesn’t efficiently supply fats and amino acids.

According to research by Robert Kok, a Canadian involved in the project, bugs reproduce rapidly, so small farms could produce a steady stream of food for humans or other animals. They also efficiently convert material that is inedible to humans—mulberry leaves, wood, waste—into body mass. So bugs like silkworms, drugstore beetles, termites, or hornworms could help fill in nutritional gaps. Japanese researchers have already made cookies from silkworms, a commonly domesticated species, the Discover Magazine reports. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, October 26 @ 19:41:14 EDT (1447 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Five-legged Frogs Invade Rivers in Britain

Unusual News
Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

Scientists in England are trying to determine why some frogs in a river in Peterborough have five legs, the first known occurrence in Britain.

The discovery was made by naturalist Sharon Harris, who said she also spotted one frog with only three legs, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph reported.

'I was amazed to see them swimming about,' Harris said. 'They are fully grown, but they`ve got extra limbs growing out their legs.'

She contacted the Natural England environmental agency, and amphibian expert Jim Foster inspected the frogs. He said similar cases had been reported in the United States, United Press International...

Note: Photo inside.

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, April 27 @ 20:53:37 EDT (1811 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Universe May Burn Out and Die If It Continues Expanding

ScienceBy Izvestia Nauki

For a long while, politicians have shown some interest in the universe only when they discussed finalists of the Miss Universe beauty contests. But things have apparently changed. These days the U.S. president links up his ambitions with the deep space exploration program. Recently the Russian president recommended that space research be treated as an area of strategic importance. Vladimir Putin sounded quite knowledgeable when speaking about astrophysics at a State Council meeting. He announced that the Sun would fade to black in several billion years. The announcement is sad but true. The Sun is doomed to burn out no matter how hard politicians may strive to hold back the event. According to information obtained by Izvestia, President Putin took a private course of lectures on cosmology, the Big Bang theory, and history of the universe. Why should a politician be interested in a subject that seems completely irrelevant to earthly matters?

The universe comprises hundreds of billions of galaxies. Each galaxy contains tens of billions of stars. Alexander Friedmann, a Russian and Soviet cosmologist and mathematician, came up with a theory that is believed to describe the state of the universe in the full. Friedmann had the nerve to correct Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Friedmann’s equations show that the universe might be expanding in contrast to Einstein’s advocated state-steady universe model. The questions are: How did the universe originate? Will the universe continue to expand? Will it finally cease to exist and put an end to the course of time? ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Wednesday, April 18 @ 22:09:05 EDT (1333 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Top 5 Strangest Animal Mysteries

SciencePrepared by Alexander Timoshik

1. Not so flopping fish

While most fish uphold the old saying, “like a fish out of water,” scientists discovered that eel catfish in Africa break the mold. These fish can spot insects on land and launch themselves from the swampy puddles of water they normally dwell in to go after their prey. They use their mobile necks to squish and capture the insects and once their meal is secure, they can drag it back into the water. This discovery could help scientists figure out how early land animals hunted for food after they crawled out from the oceans.

[Inside: Octopus elbows, Spider sex talk, Tongue-tied, Fly snail airways ... ]

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, March 19 @ 19:17:48 EDT (770 reads)
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