2004 UFO Sightings in Vermont
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Sherlyn Meinz
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Itís been a fairly quiet year in Vermont for UFO sightings, but there were seven reported to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in 2004. You can check these out and also sightings for any state in the U.S., the provinces of Canada, as well as those reported internationally...

at NUFORC's website: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxloc.html.

You can find the National UFO Reporting Centerís main page by clicking here.

NUFORC lists a total of 67 sightings in Vermont. Below you will find the sighting reports NUFORC received over the past 13 months:

Location: Hinesburg, VT; Shape: Light; Duration:1 minute.
Hovering formation of lights, dimming and brightening just above treeline; Formation of 6 or 7 lights that would brighten and dim, just above treeline on small mountain as if it was hovering.

10/27/2004 09:45
Location: Burlington, VT; Shape: Changing; Duration:5 seconds.
3 times three sightings, one time very close, second time boomerang shape very high up, third time triangle shape two witnesses. So we were outside, watching the skies for the lunar eclipse, and then not near the moon, we spot a very dark massive object flying quite low over our heads, maybe 200 feet, it was like a sideways mcdonalds arch but the arched parts were wider angles - hard to describe, but no lights at all. moving pretty slowly too however it was making no noise at all, very creepy and then it disappeared into the sky. The second sighting was 20 minutes later, it was much much higher up in the sky, we saw it in a boomerang shape, again no lights no sound, it just seemed like the city lights were making it visible and there was no top light due to the lunar eclipse. it seemed to have a dot on each wing. The third sighting was about 30 minutes after that and it was in a triangle shape, flew over our heads and then did this amazing maneuver in the sky, it turned while the dots rotated, a bit mind blowing to see an object do this. then again it faded into the night.

10/7/2004 18:45
Location: Swanton, VT; Shape: Unknown; Duration:5 mins.
Teardrop contrail seen in west southwest sky in Vermont; Headed north on Route 89 in Vermont between Swanton and Highgate I noticed an object in the western sky, slightly south of west, just above the treeline, not sure of the exact distance, but it appeared to be very far away / high up. Appeared to be an object entering the atmosphere, producing a teardrop shaped contrail that dissipated a short ways behind the object. Object appeared to be entering at approximately a 30-35 degree angle, unable to determine velocity. About 10 minutes later, the object disappeared behind the trees and I was unable to track it.
**NUFORC Note: We suspect the object was a contrail. (PD)

9/16/2004 07:50
Location: Wallingford, VT; Shape: Sphere; Duration:3 minutes.
Round anomolies; i was up early for a doctors appointment. my home is located on a high hill with a beutiful view over looking the town. i was in my room on the second floor using the computer when i glanced out the window at something that caught the corner of my eye. it was then that i noticed a black sphere anywhere from 1-3 miles away. id guess two thousand feet from the ground. it intrigued me, so i watched it for a minute, the object was round in shape, and was moving extremely slowly upward... MUCH slower then any plane or helicopter ive ever seen in this valley... (wallingford is located about five miles from an airport.) after a minute of watching this object, i was puzzled, i saw no tail or wings as youd expect on a conventional aircraft, so i ran downstairs and grabbed a set of binoculars. once i got back to my perch at my window, i imediatley noticed the object was getting furthur away. once i got it into focus, the floater seemed to have no defining details. in fact, it almost looked two dimensional. then, i saw a second of the same description slowly fly towards it. after only a few seconds of seeing the two objects, they disapeered behind a tree near my window. i tried to move to a better vantage point but couldnt see them. pretty weird stuff. never seen anything like it around here.

8/31/2004 21:00
Location: Montpelier (near), VT; Shape: Other; Duration:15 min.
The object first appeared low in the WSW as a fuzzy "star" about as bright as Jupiter or Venus. Then I saw that it was elongated horizontally with dimmer blurs of light above and below the central bar of light, which through 7x binoculars showed as a two part bar. It was about 1/3 the size of the moon. The end of the bar to my left (SE) was more pointed and there was an occasional pinpoint flash of light just to the left of the point. The object rose slowly and when about 45 degrees up it seemed a bit over 1/2 the size of the moon and had more structure. It was like diffuse almost back to back curved parentheses crossed by the two part bar. It was travelling in a direction perpendicular to the bar. by the time it reached the zenith it was dimmer and to the naked eye was just a blur, though structure was still visible through binoculars. It moved slower than any satellite I have seen. It made no sound. the sky was very clear and full of stars, with just a few left-over cumulus clouds. Sunset was 19:27 and moonrise was 20:30, though the moon was behind a hill from here at the time of observing this object. I attempted to photograph it but don't know if the slide exposed 5 sec - handheld - braced against a porch post will show anything. See the sketch I emailed. My background includes a PhD in physics, a commercial pilot certificate, and experience teaching astronomy at a community college.
**NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness, and we found her to be exceptionally objective in her description of the object. We suspect that she is an exceptionally good witness. (PD)
**NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. (PD) Please see:

6/10/2004 14:30
Location: South Royalton, VT; Shape: Other; Duration: Constant.
Black object in the sky, in different locations over an hour or so period. I have original photographs if they need to be documented. Listen, it could have been dust on my lens. But in two of the photos, there is not dust specs all over. But there is a big spec in each of the shots. I do not necessarily believe in UFO's, but I'm open to the possibilities.
**NUFORC Note: We have requested a copy of the photo. (PD)

1/20/2004 19:20
Location: Corinth, VT; Shape: Light; Duration:few seconds.
It looked like a football stadium flood light structure. My background is... quiet. I thought I never would be sharing an experience I couldn't reasonably explain. However, since this happened tonight, I can't focus on anything else. First, I noticed what I took to be an exploding star in the east as I was driving home at approximatley 19 hundred hours (7:15pm, Jan. 20th, 2004. Moments later as I came to the end of one road and make a right I spotted my neighbor's dog crossing at this intersection, and escorted her safely home. Then I was back in my car, backing out of my neighbor's driveway. As I swung my car around and cleared the side of their home, and now crossways in the road, directly in front of me is an access road leading down around the back of my neighbors home to a backyard area (small meadow). Anyhow, about 1/4 of a football field in front of me, and directly straight up, about 1/3 length of a football field was what looked like a light fixture one would see at a football stadium. It had three or four large lenses, (side by side) each a medium-bright glowing white light. It did not have a "beam" that blinded me, but just hung there and was bright and glared. I looked beyond the side of the lights to glimpse at what was holding this up there. What I saw was an outline showing that it curved away and behind the "set of lights". I pulled my car ahead and to the side of the road trying to keep an eye on it to get a better look through my passenger side window....when it just disappeared. I was at their home for only a few minutes to deliver their dog to them and it wasn't there when I took the dog home. I came home; called my neighbor, and went back to their home to discuss and point out what I had seen. They, like me, are mystified.

Occurred : 12/11/2003 19:10
Location: Waterford, VT; Shape: Light; Duration:10 seconds.
Six bright, white lights in apparent formation approached at high speed with military aircraft in vicinity. Walking up the hill back to the house from our barn at 7:05 pm EST, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2003, I was looking down at my feet in the deep snow (so I wouldn't trip), when I noticed a flash of light fill the sky, seeming to come from behind me. When I whirled around, I was startled by the appearance of six bright light whites in two apparently separate triangular groups. Each triagular group of three lights appeared to be the size of a folded postcard held at arms' length. The lights appeared to be quite close to me in terms of distance - maybe 250 yards - and it was immediately apparent that they were moving toward me at high speed descending from an initial altitude of a couple of hundred feet. There were only the six bright lights, quite small in size, with no structure discernable around them or between them. The lights were not flashing, and were a constant white colour. One other witness feels that there were some pink tinges associated with the lights. Nevertheless the relative spacing between the lights remained absolutely constant in the 10-15 seconds that I observed them, as though they were rigidly connected. The two triangular groups moved together, with no change in the spacing between them other than an apparent increase in size as the object(s) approached. There was no sound either preceding or during the appearance of the lights. At the same moment that I first saw the lights, I noticed two aircraft flying one in front of the other well behind the lights and at a higher altitude. I believe that the aircraft were military aircraft. We do not live near a commercial airport, but we do see military planes (A-10's; F-16's) from time to time as we border military area Y-2 in New Hampshire. I noted the navigation lights and strobes on the two aircraft. The planes were travelling from right to left of my field of visions, perpendicular to the apparent direction of travel of the lights which was more or less directly towards me. The lights were not near the aircraft and it did not appear possible that the planes were the source of the light phenomenon. The lights were much closer, at a lower altitude and moving in an entirely different direction than the planes. The relative positions and movements of the planes and the lights, and the exact simultaneous extinguishing of the lights (see below) in my mind precludes flares as being the identification of the lights. As the lights approached from the southwest, and after 10-15 seconds of observing them all six lights disappeared at exactly the same moment, with no change in direction, no residue, nor sound of any kind. They simply vanished at once while in motion towards me, as though someone turned off a light switch. The two aircraft made a wide, sweeping turn around our property and at some point about one minute later another two aircraft joined the "pattern" circling our property. The planes remained circling overhead in a fairly tight turning pattern for well-over one hour (approximately 1 hour 20 minutes) at which time they flew off. This event was witnessed by three people who agree on the details of the event.

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