Am I Less Evolved Than a Plant?
Date: Tuesday, August 18 @ 15:53:32 EDT
Topic: Art

Am I Less Evolved Than a Plant?

By Sherlyn Meinz (aka Blue1moon)

One morning while I drank my coffee, I found myself considering:
Could it be that plants are more evolved than humans?

In order to feed me, both animals and plants die.
It may be the way of our world, but somehow I can't feel good about it.

Sadly, to just stop eating,
does not seem a viable alternative. ...

Yet, drinking rain, absorbing sunlight, killing nothing,
It sounds so right, and so much more evolved!

Could it be ... is it possible,
that we have the whole reincarnation thing backwards???

I read the news too often feeling horror, at the things we humans do
to each other, our world, and all that inhabit it.

So, I can't help but wonder:
Do we start Human, lowest on the scale?

And perhaps, someday,
might evolve to be a Tree?

[18 August 2015]

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