Petroglyphs: Deer or Aliens? - Bellows Falls, VT
Date: Sunday, October 17 @ 15:23:55 EDT
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Story by Blue1Moon

It seems that few want to admit what the ancient Indian carvings along the west bank of the Connecticut River in Bellows Falls represent. It seems obvious that these are not carvings of deer, which some try to maintain. Deer don't have humanlike heads with antennae!

Others feel certain that this is a depiction of alien visitors with whom the Indians had some contact in the ancient past.
the area

There are two clusters of petroglyphs, which can be viewed from a small road paralleling the river near the Vilas Bridge, which crosses from Bellows Falls to Walpole. The area is marked with a small sign, and the carvings are periodically highlighted with yellow paint to make them more visible. The pictures are carved into a steep area of massive granite bedrock. Unfortunately no systematic archeological surveys of the area have been done, though the area has drawn the interest of historians and visitors since at least the late eighteenth century. A number of occupation and burial sites have been identified upstream from the carvings.

The site has not been dated, but it is postulated that it dates between the Late Archaic and Transitional Archaic Periods to the Early Woodland Period. The site is designated VT-WD-8 in the Vermont Archaeological Inventory, and described as depicting "lifesize, oval or round, anthropomorphic 'heads' with 'eyes' and 'mouths'; a number of 'heads' have 'horn' or progoned projections."

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